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DriverMax 5.5 saves the search and install drivers and is easy to use.



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The program DriverMax reminds all drivers.

DriverMax is the latest version of the driver Installer, which is available for free download. The program you can click on the download button quickly and easily download and install. To use DriverMax, you have to register but for free on the site of the manufacturer, stating the email address. A first license for 30 days but before that allows you trying the software, after this period, you can use the program only as a registered user. After successful registration and activation, you can use DriverMax then immediately continue free of charge and without any problems.

The program DriverMax is suitable for different versions of Windows, including especially for the latest versions of Windows Windows 7 32 and 64 bit. DriverMax is in English, because it comes out but usually without much equity Zutun, it is rare for language and understanding problems. The user interface is very simple and clearly designed, also not unnecessarily much storage space is required for the program DriverMax. Using a program Wizard you can between the features of DriverMax within very easily switch and select, for example, between the two main functions of driver export and driver installation.

To the driver export: DriverMax allows a compress of on the PC driver in a folder so after successful installation and registration with the manufacturer. Once you so again have to reinstall the system, all the drivers in a folder will remain secured thanks to DriverMax. Thus, you need to search no more individually on the Internet or on various storage media and reinstall. You can install the driver after a system restore by DriverMax new again so easily and without much effort. For this you have to activate simply again it in the folder and they are already on your PC.

Step by step: use DriverMax on your PC

• Download the program and install
• First use free for 30 days
• Possibility of automatic driver search and compression driver
• When system restore compression and simple reinstallation
• After the deadline for free registration at the manufacturer
• Free use: always up-to-date drivers and simple reinstalling of it after system renewal

Other features of the software:

Driver installation: Is another important feature of DriverMax, it looks for new drivers on the Internet independently, and downloads them. So given the opportunity, even without reinstalling the system always is to keep the current state of its software.

Description of the version: DriverMax

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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