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Driver Sweeper removes useless drivers, increases performance and ensures system stability.



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Driver Sweeper

Driver Sweeper locates unnecessary driver parts which were not deleted when uninstalling and can destabilize the system. A backup function protects against accidental deletion.

Device drivers are necessary so that your PC can reliably provide its service - in a way, they control the hardware installed in your computer. Uninstall a driver, because you no longer need, for example, the appropriate hardware, it should actually be removed - but in many cases the only partially occurs. Remaining fragments of the driver are however dangerous and can crash the system at worst. Here is the driver Sweeper helps: with him you scan your system after remnants of deleted drivers - the software will find it, the results are clearly displayed you. You can now immediately remove the fragments and thus stabilize your PC and increase system performance. All delete operations are documented in detail by driver Sweeper and stored in a log file. Also backups for remote drivers are automatically created - have you accidentally deleted something, what should not disappear, you can always rely on the backup copy.

In addition, driver Sweeper gives you more useful features. Through the use of parameters, you can fully automate the cleaning process. With the backup manager for your desktop icons you can save their position should the icons have been brought up after installing a new driver, you can bring her back in the usual order. The disk space consumed by driver Sweeper is manageable with around 20 MB, it runs Microsoft.NET Framework 3.0 on all versions of Windows - or higher must be installed but.

Description of the version: Driver Sweeper

Driver Sweeper has been thoroughly revised and offers you in version 2.9 more overview and functions. The developers made some small changes to the layout of the programme, a cleaning function for Intel chipsets has been added. The cleaning capabilities for AMD and NVIDIA display, ASUS sound and creative sound have been revised. You can retrieve the formerly local help now in updated form as online documentation. Fixed the problem with possibly occurring error messages after you start the installation.

The benefits of driver Sweeper 2.9 at a glance

• Revised and improved layout
• Cleaning function for the Intel chip sets added
• Existing purge functions have been revised
• Online help rather than local documentation
• Fixed problem with error message during installation

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