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Driver cleaner PE tracking remnants of old graphics and sound card driver and deletes them permanently.



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Driver Cleaner PE

Driver cleaner PE is an effective support in optimizing your machine: the software finds the remains of the old graphics and sound card drivers and offers you the ability to delete them permanently.

Driver cleaner PE (Professional Edition) is an effective help with driver problems. You can install more new graphics or sound card? Then you know the problem with "File corpses" on the computer: Although uninstalling the old maps, files on the machine will remain. This "file corpses" negatively then often on the stability of the system, which means, the computer may be slow and generally unstable. Here is driver cleaner PE map: by using this program you can find reliable these old and unwanted files. Following the software provides the ability to delete these files permanently and reliably. Basically it is, to use this program before you install the new driver. This allows a clean install and run the new programs very much more reliable.

The software supports a variety of graphics and sound card drivers. Driver cleaner PE, remains of the driver from Intel, ATI, NVIDIA, Realtek, creative, kX audio, SIS, 3Dfx, 3Dlabs, Turtle Beach, S3, SIS, VIA and XGI. It runs 98, win win me, win XP, win 2003 and servers with the usual operating systems win 2000.

The interface is clear and simple. A window listing you found old driver cards along with additional details. Then you can choose using the clear button, if you want to keep the files, or permanently delete - it couldn't be easier! Driver cleaner PE is you free of charge. Simply download the freeware on the machine and check it out: file bodies finally belong to the past.

Description of the version: Driver Cleaner PE

Although driver cleaner PE only in the basic version is available, it features many friends already, to optimize the hardware of your computer. Generally, you can identify old driver files with the program and delete reliably in the connection. Also you have the possibility, using a filter on certain file types to include or exclude. The program is compatible with drivers from Realtek, NVIDIA, Intel, S3, ATI, creative, SIS, Turtle Beach, kX audio, SIS, 3Dfx, 3Dlabs, VIA and XGI.

Key features of the freeware driver cleaner PE

• Track down old driver files
• Reliable delete of the remnants of old files
• Optimized hardware tuning
• Filter for single - or exclude of specific file types
• Supports including ATI, nVidia, creative, Realtek, SIS, 3Dfx and S3

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