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Dream Pinball 3D impresses with countless functions, Pinball elements and realistic graphics.



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Dream Pinball 3D

With the new Dream Pinball 3D you dive into a particularly realistic world of the Flipperns: the excellent 3D graphics, varied Pinball tables and matching sound effects promise long term gameplay at its finest.

Dream Pinball 3D you can prove just may be on six different Pinball tables with different levels of difficulty. Each Pinball table is decorated individually to a particular subject and with his own music. Even the material of the ball are different from table to table (for example, gold, marble, or wood) and affect the behavior of the ball very realistic. In the multiball mode, the player can control several balls made of different materials. The developers provide one of the six tables currently free of charge, so you enter can sniff ever in the game.

The realistic feeling of Pinball gets dream Pinball 3D especially through his successful 3D graphics. While the ball across the table is rolled, it is accompanied by the camera and you can track directly his way. There are six dynamic and a fixed camera settings, the player can adjust and change even during the game. Dream Pinball 3D holds also a multiplayer mode. So, up to four players can play Pinball against each other and compete for the high score.

Of course, the Pinball tables with all the elements known also from the real flipper like bumpers, ramps, kickers and slingshots, targets are equipped, that make the game exciting and varied. Also lots of flashing lights and fire animations can be boring to the table. And the typical jerks at the table and the following punishment by the tilt function make very realistic Dream Pinball 3D and make for great fun.

Description of the version: Dream Pinball 3D

With this game developers provide one of the six tables of Dream Pinball 3D free download available. It is the table of "Two Worlds", which was designed according to the themes of Gothic and medieval. The bumpers have for example the form of castle towers and numerous images of medieval weapons, skeletons, monsters and a very darkly decorated woman cavorting on the table. The whole thing with mystical music and optical effects of fire is accompanied. The advantages of the game Dream Pinball 3D are also part of this game.

These are the features of Dream Pinball 3D: Two Worlds:

• Performed a metal ball
• Successful 3D graphics
• Mystical game atmosphere with appropriate sound effects
• Dynamic camerawork
• Realistic Pinball elements, such as bumpers, ramps and different targets
• Tilt function and jerks at the table is possible

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