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  • Windows 1.05.01

Dr.Windows 1.05.01 masquerades as security application of the operating system and is really fun.



  • License: Freeware
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  • Updated: 25.10.2013


Dr.Windows is not really useful 1.05.01 actually. But, if you like to occasionally allow you a fun, Dr.Windows offers pretty good friends 1.05.01. This little program creates is quite absurd, but very fun for system messages. While it looks like Dr.Windows is a security application that monitors your system 1.05.01. The messages that 1.05.01 created Dr.Windows, also just look like the alerts you receive occasional of the Windows operating system. Dr.Windows 1.05.01 is available as freeware for free download on the Internet for you.

You can select from 50 completely unrealistic messages for Dr.Windows 1.05.01. In addition Dr.Windows allows you 1.05.01, to create your own messages, which also look like completely official system messages. You can specify the time interval by this nonsensical messages on your screen to show. Of course, you can send the messages on your computer via E-mail to colleagues or friends. Dr.Windows not brought 1.05.01 a practical value of course but you can frighten friends and colleagues just fine, because it takes usually a while will realize that these messages must not be seriously.

The only downside of this little fun program is that there Dr.Windows 1.05.01 only in an English version and thus all messages in English will appear. If you want to get this fun on your PC, you only have to push the button download. Then just follow the instructions on your screen, and in a few minutes you can use already the first "wrong" system messages by Dr.Windows 1.05.01. The download size is just 1.9 megabytes and takes so not too much of your disk space consuming.

The functions of Dr.Windows 1.05.01

• Disguised as a security application
• 50 before generated funny system messages
• It is possible to design your own messages
• Forwarding of messages by E-mail
• Small download size
• As freeware for free in English available

System requirements

Dr.Windows 1.05.01 is designed for operating systems Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The program is available as freeware for free download. The installation is simply and easily completed. The download size 1.9 megabytes requires not too much space, so that you could route the entire program by E-mail to friends with whom you want to share this fun.

Description of the version: Dr.Windows

The program Dr. Windows is only something for someone, the fun is. With the current version, you can create messages on the screen that look amazingly similar to the Windows error messages. The advanced version includes 50 pre-loaded message window. But the great fun is to create your own Windows. If you then install them on your or another computer, confusion and fun are guaranteed.

Dr. Windows features in the current version

• Creation of Windows message Windows
• Has over 50 options to choose
• Create your own messages with text and buttons
• Spontaneous and random insertion

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