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With the new DownThemAll extension, even large data sets are in a very short time to download.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013


Who doesn't know that? You want to download a large set of data and needs a lot of patience for this. Each download is faster than ever before with the new DownThemAll extension. You can download entire movies or individual sequences in a matter of minutes, and you can save a lot of time. You need a graphic for your new project? This is not a problem for the current DownThemAll extension. It tracks all the links to the individual elements of a website and with just one click, you can download all pictures and multimedia items on your hard disk.

You can easily and quickly download the new DownThemAll extension and install it on your computer. The user interface of the DownThemAll extension is very easy to understand and many tools to help you with the settings. You must have no prior experience with the DownThemAll extension can work successfully. After each download, can you see a list of links and keep always the overview of the data that is on your computer. In addition, you may remove unneeded files from the list at any time.

But the new DownThemAll extension can do much more. It speeds up the download of large data sets considerably where it divided them into several pieces and then simultaneously downloads this. So you save DownThemAll extension with a lot of time, which you can use for more attractive activities. You spend more hours before the computer to download images or movies, but can viewed at that time already they. This is possible with the new DownThemAll extension. So you can spend more time with your friends and still have the latest movies on your computer. The new DownThemAll extension supports your Firefox browser in each version.

The new DownThemAll extension at a glance

• Download Manager for the Firefox browser
• detects all links on a particular topic
• Download of images and multimedia elements possible
• significant acceleration of large downloads
• large data sets into parts
• ease of use

System requirements for the current DownThemAll extension

The new DownThemAll extension requires the operating system Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Vista and a processor from the Intel Pentium II. your computer should have a memory of at least 64 megabytes of free RAM by at least one megabyte. Also you need the Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or higher.

Description of the version: DownThemAll!

Now even faster and more effective download with the new DownThemAll!. The Firefox Add-on lets you now download entire websites with up to 400facher speed - so every download becomes child's play. Great: Now you can select exactly which content you want to download and which are not. Each download can be now freely suspended and continued at a later time on request.

The latest version of DownThemAll! at a glance

• Download now with up to 400facher speed
• All Web pages with the new add-on now even easier and faster download
• Now still more select download content possible

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