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Who ever was searching for the suitable driver, you will love double driver.



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Double Driver

Every Windows installation on a used computer is problematic. While the driver mostly in a new system, the search for the appropriate drivers for an old device is cumbersome. Unless you have saved previously this driver with double.

If you had to redo once your Windows installation, you will be familiar with the problem. Windows installs the base drivers though, so that the system runs only once, but they are not necessarily suited to the installed hardware. And then starts the search for the appropriate drivers on the website of the manufacturer. Provider of branded PCs offer you most of the time the drivers via their Web site, but a no-name or even assembled computer, we do not have this service.

Double driver offers you the solution for this exact problem. Because double driver analyzes the hardware driver that is installed on your system and it clearly lists you with the current version number. First of all you're an overview, what drivers are used and whether they are up-to-date. Double step further but the decisive driver, because you can export all drivers or just a selection of them and external backup. Should you so even re-install your operating system then must, do you have the driver immediately at hand and have to search long for them. A time saver, especially one who appreciate dealing regularly with the new installation of computers.

The program is available and can be run from Windows 2000 as freeware. Of course, even the latest versions such as Windows Vista and Windows 7 are supported. Just once just over two megabytes are the size of the download and the installation of the freeware is done quickly. The interface is in English, but this is now the default language in the administration area.

Description of the version: Double Driver

Can be a task to find the appropriate hardware drivers for a PC, which requires much time and patience. With double driver, you have a tool at hand that takes you from this task. You can enumerate all hardware drivers that are installed on a system you and receive information on the version number. All found driver you can then export as a backup and therefore have all the necessary information at hand during a new installation of a system. The current version has been improved in minor points and fixed bugs.

Functions of double driver in the current version

• List of current drivers and can export them
• Not more than virus detected by Avira
• Import of a previous backup drivers
• For Windows XP, Vista, 7

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