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DOSBox offers nostalgic retro feeling as well as joypad support, screenshots, and more.



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"c:", "play cd", "you *. exe"-that familiar to whom, who has his childhood days probably with DOS spent. And who feels desire again in times of self install, 10 gigabytes big play on some retro feeling, which adheres best to the DOSBox. The only 1.38 MB large installer you paved the way in bygone "day of the tentacle" times. Save files can the DOSBox can easily save and load. The network is full of so called abandonware, so games that must be issued for no more money. You can keep you so vain several classics. Then simply unzip it and run the DOSBox. First, a drive is emulated Z, where you also find yourself. Now you need to choose only, on which virtual drive to load your game. The command "Mount" is the key to success here. So you're writing such as "mount x c:\turrican" in the DOSBox. Is now on disk X "Turrican" and you have to start it just yet. Specifies the path behind it, where you the game you downloaded, unzipped before you.

If you rather want to beat ' em up you you can fight your buddies by joypad. DOSBox automatically detects your pads. Up to four players can play easily along what is still most mood classics such as at the old FIFA. A cool feature is the possibility to make screenshots and to export the sound of the games. The retro music, you can put on for example on the phone and be able as a flamboyant ring tone to play. Faster games like "Red Baron", "System Shock" or "Nightmare Creatures" DOSBox offers you also the possibility to adjust the speed by pressing a key.

You can download the DOSBox for free here. Just click on the download button and the small DOSBox Installer opens after a few seconds.

Other features DOSBox:

The development of DOSBox

The DOSBox launched by Peter Veenstra was proclaimed 2009 the SourceForge project of the month. Under the development of the DOSBox team, the emulation tool achieved the first successes in the download ranking already mid-2002. The software written in C++ part received international support, inter alia by Japanese developers of the Mame team, the finishing touches.

• Experience retro feeling on high-end PCs.
• Play with up to 100 Hz frame rate.
• Constituted CGA and EGA and VGA graphics.
• Listen to Adlib and Tandy sound.
• Use modem simulation over TCP/IP.
• Find out more in the extensive help library.

Description of the version: Dosbox

You want to try out the old DOS games, which have brought forth all game genres and serve your favorite games as a template. Or you want the old times to life with your classic collection of Dosgames? You can now, without having to find an old computer. With dosbox, you can emulate a DOS PC and Gamble so your old games, which are not compatible with the current operating systems common operating systems.

Dosbox offer numerous bug fixes in the version 0.74

• Bug fixes, expand the compatibility on more Dosgames.
Mouse emulation was improved.
• Improved the emulation for some sound cards.
CDROM emulation was improved.
• Numerous bug fixes.

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