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Doodle jump for PC brings endless fun with the iPhone classic games on your computer.



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  • Updated: 24.05.2011

Doodle Jump für PC

Doodle jump for PC brings the iPhone classic now on your computer. Catch attempts to not come you let the monsters all the way up, otherwise you have to start all over again.

Doodle is jump for PC a platforming n'run game that originally for the iPhone has been developed. This download version you can bring the yellow male with the trunk now also on your PC to dizzying heights. Jump from one stage to the next. Here, you can items as using rocket, the propeller hat, the jump shoes or the monster bubble. These bring you faster upward, the monsters and the stages of dissolving themselves. The bubble protects you from to be jettisoned by the monster down. Make also sure to touch not the UFOs, because they want to kidnap you. In addition to the classical variant of the background looks like a math book, Doodle offers jump PC other worlds. In these is the small males as Santa Claus dressed struggle upward through the snow, dives through deep water and is located in the deep jungle. The high score of a game is automatically saved.

It is controlled either via the arrow keys or the mouse. Doodle jump for PC has a file size 5.8 MB. Use requires the operating system Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. The game language is English, the functions are self-explanatory but so that the language is not restrictive. Doodle jump for PC you get a timeless platforming n'run game, that always makes for variety. There is not an end, it aims to beat the old high score every time and to collect more points. The higher you get the higher your points increase.

Description of the version: Doodle Jump für PC

Offers creepy monster, Super jumps with the spring shoes, a quick start with the rocket and many more features platform n'run Doodle jump for PC. The little yellow men want high, with the trunk. For this it uses the levels, but not all stages are as solid as they look. Some dissolve after the first contact and some are occupied by monsters, which throw your character into the abyss by a short touch. So sure exactly to where you to jump, so you have to begin at the end, not from the front.

Doodle jump - offbeat platformer n'run for the computer

• Different image backgrounds are freely selectable
• Easy operation with mouse or arrow keys
• Low disk space required
• English is the language of the game
• Varied items to collect

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