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Don't sleep makes it easier to save energy and prevents sudden shutdown.



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  • Updated: 24.05.2011

Don't Sleep

Of course each user wants to like to save energy, he can sleep with don't. It can be sometimes an obstacle when running a program and the computer, which is polarized on energy saving, just suddenly goes into stand-by mode or turned off.

This, changing the position in the stand by mode or even switched off, prevents a small program speaking named don't sleep (35.4 KB), it does not burden the CPU. But it also disable the monitor or the screen saver from the table. It is reported that already the computer shuts Windows 7 even at higher CPU load. Although it is, of course, that you can achieve this by manually changing of the settings, but that costs each time. And you protects the computer from access, if you have set a background service or have started an application: you can then do not accidentally turn off the computer. A timer, you can also time-dependent control the blocking and unblocking. This protects the power supply also. He is over the button "#" to activate and to grade between 1 hour and 48 hours. The program also ensures that it has the highest priority of the ShutDown.

You don't don't sleep install, is it enough, when it is placed on the desktop or portable on a USB stick. Starts the program for the first time on your computer, then sleep.ini will be created in the same working directory do not and the settings of don't sleep stored. Make sure however, that Don'tsleep. is ini not read-only. The uninstall is just as easy: it is a portable application, so no registry entries are made. You delete don't sleep.exe and don't sleep.ini just and everything has been removed without a trace.

Description of the version: Don't Sleep

The program don't sleep there for over a year and it has been improved in several steps. Since April, 2011 exists in version 2.21. The last changes were mainly the adaptation to different languages, such as Hungarian, Polish and Chinese. The program ensures that the computer can be switched off accidentally by blocking the shutdown, disable the screen saver. It is equipped with a timer that lets you control the shutdown time. The computer shuts down aggressively.

What is the current version for the user

• Suitable for: Server 2000/2003/2005/2008-Win 98/XP / Vista and Windows 7 x 64 / x 86
• As a freeware download
• Approximately 25 KB
• "#LNG" is used for switching to the language

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