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Don't get angry, manages to make the classic board game for the computer.



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Don't get angry!

Don't get angry 2 has a tattoo the game creators of the classic. Already the first part knew to convince game fun and innovation, but don't get angry is gone in the next round.

Right at the beginning of don't get angry, 8 selection buttons make friends, including game play, network, graphics and sound, game settings, rules of the game taking part in the network game,. Star you test a game, you have some tasks to fulfill in advance. There are 13 Board designs. Don't get angry has here the German Flag, the flag of the UK, the good old, yellow Board, Cork and metal in the squad. These are just a few of the 13 different game boards at don't get angry, you can select friends. It continues to the layout of the boards, which can accept square about about all forms. The number of players affect the layout do not get angry. You chose a board design and layout, now come the don't get-angry background scenes in the game. Here, there is a the wooden lodge or even simple Park. The game board by Don't get angry located in the scenario of the Park on a green meadow on a picnic blanket.

You can choose not only the design of the game don't get angry, but also directly by the game stone, so the figure begin. With a total of 10 different options on game characters, do not get angry offers a high degree of diversity. This classic are the selectable characters, Gladiators, grandmas, Karatekas, ninjas, scientists, terminator, wizards, brokers and bikers. While watching Don't get angry it's possible to increase the pace of the game, or even to slow down. The sound can be switched directly to mute and the background effect is also be deactivated. There exists an automatic camera setting that departs from one tile to the next play. This option can be switched off. Don't get angry even the game flow is for you liquid and amusing, to convince Don't get angry with his innovation. In the special feature, the karma, can ever bloating of death for you, but also a subatomic space Exchange occur.

What does you don't get angry:

• more innovative and funnier than its predecessor
• 13 different board designs
• different layouts and background scenarios
• Network games possible
• 10 different game pieces to choose from
• get your Karma during the game

The origin

Don't get angry has his approaches to the old well known and extremely popular classic game man Ludo you don't. The Board game still ensures rollicking game evenings among friends, family and acquaintances. The computer version also joins in this profession and new conjures an old gaming classics on the screen.

Description of the version: Don't get angry!

Do not get angry! 2 is the well-known "Ludo not" in the revamped PC version. Collect the hidden specials in the latest version: bonus items and extra weapons make for a tension-filled gameplay. You choose friends to start every game pass through even the design of your characters and the game board. So you're saying the boredom ade, because your don't get angry! comes with the ever-changing look.

These are angry the new specials don't get! 2

• Up to three opponents (computer or real)
• LAN and Internet play
• Jump fields, bonus items, extra weapons
• Even selectable, changing design

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