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The Domino player converts all popular formats and provides many tools for you.



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  • Updated: 24.10.2013

Domino Player

If you still looking an audio player, which converts all formats, then the Domino player is the right program for you. In addition he converts all your CDs in MP3 you, because this format is particularly space-saving. The Domino player manages to formats of OGG Vorbis audio files to play audio CDs, WAV and MP3. The Domino player work all at the same time also as a CD ripper. In the blink of an eye wander your entire CD collections on your hard drive. This program gives you plenty of space on your computer, you can then again occupy. In addition, the Domino player is a very versatile program that provides lots of functionality for you.

If you don't have desktop publishing, PLS and M3U play lists in the formats, this for the Domino players are no problem. If you want, you can print out also these friends. So that the transitions between songs and professional sound, you have to activate only the mix function in Domino player. So, nothing in the way will be your pure musical enjoyment. The Domino player, you can give even a whole new look. You can use this function if the default if you don't like. Two skins are already included in the download. As you can see, the Domino players with quite many interesting functions comes to you on the computer. Create and manage as it comes straight to mind.

If you think that all this was, what the Domino player, then you have deceived you. The audio files from the CDs are from the rib module loaded and saved in MP3 or WAV format on your hard drive. The Domino player is rounded off by the integrated ID3 tag editor. So you all meta-information of your MP3 files fully into the handle. This information includes the name of the artist, year of publication, genre and title. So you have all the important information of your songs at a glance. On the whole, this is a very solid player. Even though the development of this program has been discontinued, still get the software via the premium download. So you can come fully enjoy of this player and its functions. The download is free for you, by the way.

Improvements at a glance

• Conversion to all popular formats
• Playback of audio CDs, MP3, WAV and OGG Vorbis
• Function as a CD Ripper
• Ensures professional transitions between songs
• Includes two skins in the download
• Integrated ID3 tag editor

What operating system do you need?

To use the Domino player on your computer, you will need Windows NT/XP/ME/95/98/98SE/ME or 2000. There are special system requirements for the Domino player.

Description of the version: Domino Player

The current version of Domino player brings together your favorite songs in all popular formats such as MP3, WAV and Ogg Vorbis in a playlist. You want to leave the whole room stacked high CD collections? Then save using the built-in CD Ripper audio CDs easily on your hard disk. A special highlight offers you the mix function, with the song transitions now professionally sound and avoid annoying waiting for the next track. Let's convince you of the listening pleasure with the new Domino player.

The Domino offers you player on features

• Playback of different audio formats
• Create play list formats different
• Mix function for professional song transitions
• Different skins for custom optics
• ID3 tag editor for all audio files

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