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Domination is the computer version of the popular strategy game of risk. The implementation is nearly 1:1.



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As an avid fan of the society game "Risk" domination for you will be a highlight. The game is the computer version of the popular board game. You can play with various other users in the network. It provides fun and exciting entertainment.

If you know the Board game, then you will find your way you quickly in domination. Different surfaces and boards available are friends. Advantage for you is that domination has strictly applied the rules of the Board game.

If you don't know the game, then here is a brief description for you. The game is very simple. The basis is a world map with only 42 countries. As a player, you're trying to conquer countries or continents and bring in your possession. The task card decides. On this your special order is formulated in the set, how many countries or continents you to take into your possession. It may also be that you should completely destroy an opponent. You make your decisions according to strategic aspects. According to this strategy, your army is deployed. However, you must consider the size of your army and in particular on the luck of the dice are crucial for the success of your planned battles.

Domination, like the original, is a game, where the primary theme is the war. However, there is more strategy, diplomacy and tactics in the foreground. It is not therefore a conflict simulation game. In addition, the luck of the dice decides the outcome of the battle. Advantage of the computer version is unique, that you can play with other fans on the Internet. If the game lasts you too long, the score is simply stored and the next day it goes on. You will find enough player, then automatically virtual companions are provided you. This allows one inning at any time. It is positive for you, also, that the cards can be exchanged. If you no longer like the world map, then just replacing them with other cards. This brings a bit of variety. However, domination differs substantially from other games. It lacks any acoustic accompaniment. In principle, it is the Board game on the screen. As old or new fan of risk, you will still come at your expense.

Description of the version: Domination

With domination lovers of the Board game risk fully at their own expense. The game requires that the Java Runtime on your computer are installed. You can download it for free. The playing surface and the rules keep strictly to the original. You can with virtual players the possibility to play or select other maps. The current game saves can be stored at a break. Then, you can at any time to continue the round. This version has no acoustic accompaniment.

System requirements and information

• Operating system: win 2003, 2008, Vista, Windows 7
• Size: 5.4 MB
• Programming language: Java
• Java runtimes must be installed on the computer
• Selection of different maps
• Can be played on the network

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