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Dometrix garage piggybacks on the tedious administration tasks for your workshop.



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Dometrix Kfz-Werkstatt

It's bad not to know his customers. Almost worse yet it is know the customers, but not to know why he is there right now. The Dometrix garage puts an end to such situations, because the solution is easy to use and requires no special knowledge on the PC or the commercial sector. So if the boss once again wasn't there, his collaborator on the Dometrix can garage find out easily what was discussed with the customer and what should be done.

For the Dometrix has different modules, all important information can be entered into the garage. Name, address and all important communication data for the customer can be stored in the customer administration. In the Dometrix vehicle management workshop the corresponding data for the vehicle or the vehicle can then be secured. Also the dates for the next general inspection can be entered here in addition to the actual data of the vehicle. In time prior to the date of Dometrix reminds garage on the date, so that you can call the customers, an email or letter can write and remind him of the appointment. Best just with a date proposal, so that the customer must confirm this or cancel.

A large and important part of the Dometrix workshop is management of part of. Here, all the parts needed for the workshop can be applied and entered. In addition to the term prices, delivery details and stock levels of the Dometrix lists garage with. So you know at a glance whether the part needed for the customer on the camp is whether it has to be ordered, and how much it costs. The accounting department is another important module. With this, the invoices can be posted and monitored payments. With a correct data input and maintenance in the Dometrix is prerequisite of course garage, because the best software is useless without actual data. A paid invoice must be marked as such. But the solution try it best yourself once. You can garage via the download function here on our site directly download the Dometrix and install.

Features of the Dometrix garage:

• Commercial software
• Suitable for small to medium-sized workshops
• Modules for managing vehicles, inventory, customers, etc.
• Memory function for HU dates and overdue invoices
• Trial version (30 days)
• For Win98/98SE/me/2000/XP

Background information on the Dometrix garage

The Dometrix workshop was developed to assist operators of small workshops. It offers a full-featured solution and can be used without large computer or accounting knowledge.

Description of the version: Dometrix Kfz-Werkstatt

The new version helps you now, to store customer and vehicle data, as well as to create invoices and offers. Upcoming important dates, such as AU - and HU dates or open accounts for individual customers are now automatically displayed. In addition, the new version of the management program has a report editor. Hereby you can create for example lists, labels, form letters, etc. The new built-in backup function protects all of your data.

Overview of the functions of the new version of the management program

• Report Editor (creating form letters, labels, lists, etc.)
• Event reminder for customers (for example invoices, AU - or HU dates)
• new backup feature to store the data

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