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Compete against the computer or online opponent with DJBackgammon and choose your own game style.



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DJBackgammon is a digital version of the popular board game. You can choose whether you you want to measure with the computer or via network with a real player. Let you be told that the computer opponent by DJBackgammon is not easy to defeat, your entire skill and luck of the dice is needed here!

The DJBackgammon is very easy. A game can with a few clicks of the mouse either against the computer opponent or a real opponent of the network open. To find a real opponent, you can open the server selection by DJBackgammon with the F4 key. You can connect you to an already registered server or enter a server address that is known to you, to which you connect by DJBackgammon may have. Easily you can during a game in progress the style of user interface change. You can also set your desire for the direction of play and the color of the tiles. Unfortunately can be but does not change the color of the cubes at DJBackgammon, they are always red. The game must be restarted after a change of the surface. Moves must be carried out separately, the outcome of two dice may not be completed at DJBackgammon in one go. There is DJBackgammon no way, for example, by double-clicking, to automatically run the train. The stone must be recorded and overturned. To complete the game move at DJBackgammon, a right click is enough. Should you have made a wrong move, is the ability to undo moves, as long as you still not have completed your moves. This put the stones back to its original position, do not forget in the intermediate stops. You will be notified by message window when you can make more no train at DJBackgammon and if you have won or lost.

You can download a current version of DJBackgammon with us. Simply click the download button; the charging process will start automatically.

Possibilities of DJBackgammon in the overview

• play against a computer opponent
• play online against real opponents
• Selection of game interface
• Change the direction of play
• Color of the tiles can be changed
• Adjust the animation speed

The origin of the Board game Backgammon

It is believed that the ancient Greeks in Palamedes saw the inventor of the game, wanted to make for Kurzweil, the stored before Troy soldiers. A version that could be associated with the age of the Romans is similar to today's game. Emperor Claudius to have played it so much that he has written a book about Unfortunately, it is now lost.

Description of the version: DJ-Backgammon

The new version of DJ-Backgammon is focused primarily on the gameplay and less on evaluations and statistics: you find a successful implementation of the popular board game with this release and can customize the look according to your wishes. One of the highlights of the new version is certainly the possibility to play online against other players. You can play against a computer opponent.

Version features 0.3.2 of DJ Backgammon

• New ability to customize the look of the game
• Advanced ways to play against other players over the Internet
• Computer opponents for local games
• Different game variants with the latest version available

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