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The free DivxToDVD converts your videos so that they are DVD compatible afterwards.



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Here you can download easily and completely free the program DivxToDVD. This program helps you to convert, that you can burn them on a DVD, which then with a DVD player play all your videos.

Many people know the problem, perhaps you: you want to burn one or more videos or movies on a DVD, so that you at any time, without requiring a computer, can play on a DVD player. Unfortunately this can't but often, because the file format of the video is not DVD compatible. Now, two possibilities remain. Either you use the DVD as a simple storage device and burn the videos in their original format – in this case the DVD but only on computers can be played and only if an appropriate player installed, or you convert the video. DivxToDVD supports you at the second opportunity. You can download it for free and after installing your video files to convert, that you can easily burn it to a DVD movie disc.

The author of the program of DivxToDVD, VSO Software, has taken in establishing that that many file formats are supported, and indeed a wide range of video files, you can convert. So all DivX, XviD -, MPEG, AVI, VOB, and IVX files can be converted about are still not all this.

The download of the installation file of DivxToDVD is very fast because it is only 2.4 MB large. Just as quickly and easily is also the conversion: you choose the so-called source file, so the file to be converted, specify a destination folder in which to store the result, and start the process. So to speak as a little extra, you can also change the aspect ratio or the frame rate.

Description of the version: DivxToDVD

DivxToDVD free program offers you the possibility to convert your video files, so you can burn them to a DVD and play them on any standard DVD player in the current version. Videos of the formats MPEG, AVI, DivX, IVX, VOB, XviD, as well as satellite streams can be converted quickly and easily. You simply specify the source file and destination folder, start the process and a few minutes later – depending on the size of the videos - you can create a DVD movie disc with your videos.

You need to know details about the version 0.5.2 of the programme DivxToDVD

• The manufacturer is VSO Software
• The language of the program is German
• Type of software is freeware, so download free
• Category: Converter
• Supported operating systems from Windows 98

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