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The DivX plus player has everything you need for high-definition videos and great sound on the PC.



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DivX Plus Player

In its latest version as well as all popular video formats such as DivX, AVI, MP4 and MOV, DivX plus Player supports also MKV. MKV is a flexible and open video file format that quickly has become videos on the Internet as the file extension for HD - so high definition -. Many features such as multilingual subtitles and alternative audio tracks are supported automatically, so that the DivX plus player offers not only an optical, but also an acoustic experience of a special kind. With the DivX plus player in addition to the Visual into a real experience to make the acoustic impression, DivX has teamed up with with some proven experts. This optimizes the audio configuration of your computer the DivX plus player and makes for the ultimate listening experience. Just do the free hearing test and let's convince you!

The DivX plus player is also your personal librarian and serves as the administrator of your video library. You can create your own playlists with the DivX plus player and manage according to certain criteria. So you organize easily all your downloads. So if you found partner and bought your favorite movie on a DivX and look at him like, DivX plus player in action occurs. It optimizes the download - as well as the playback process.

With DivX to go offers the DivX plus player to a completely new feature and highlight, with which you can play your videos beyond your computer. This video is formatted so the DivX plus player, that it certified playback device, E.g. your DVD player or your game console that can be rendered with a DivX. As video and audio formats are constantly changing and evolving, and so you have to keep track yourself, the DivX plus player for you takes over. You need friends not to worry, what file extension belongs to which video files and container and what codec technology is required. The DivX plus player knows everything and you can focus just on, to have fun with your digital videos.

The following features are waiting for you at the new DivX plus player:

• free download
• Support all popular formats including MKV
• optimized audio setup, playback with 5.1 channel surround sound (with AAC audio)
• available for Windows and Macintosh (DivX Player 7)
• Playlist creation and video management
• easy storage and release of high-definition videos

The DivX story

The DivX video format of the same name by DivX Inc. based originally on an extract of the MPEG-4 codec of a beta version of the Windows Media Player. Improvements and later a complete new development, the format characterized especially by a high compressibility with little loss of quality.

Description of the version: DivX Plus Player

With the DivX plus player, it is possible to to watch DivX, AVI, MP4 and MKV videos in your own Web browser. Full HD movies with 1080i are supported as well as 5.1 surround sound, multiple audio tracks and subtitles. Also various codecs are the player, allowing playback of high-definition videos. An integrated converter allows you to convert videos to DivX and MKV with just one click, as well as creating backup DVDs.

Boundless and comfortable movie experience with the DivX plus player

• Supports DivX, AVI, MP4 and MKV videos
• With 1080i HD and 5.1 surround sound support
• Including codecs package and converter

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