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Before you install a new program on your computer, you should test it with Disk2vhd.



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If you would like to test before the final installation of new programs, whether they get well along with your system, you can create a virtual disk with Disk2vhd, where you can create a copy of your system.

Maybe it happened even once friends, maybe you know it only from the stories your friends: some programs can completely shooting up a system during the installation. That could be a faulty programs, but also a large load of your hardware. Sometimes, different applications are also just not good each other to speak. To prevent a total crash through an installation, it might therefore want to test an installation first. For this you will need a copy of your system, which you, if it comes to problems, simply can delete.

Disk2vhd allows you can create a virtual hard disk that is ideal for these purposes. As long as the boot partition does not exceed 127 GB in size, you can simply boot a copy of your OS with Disk2vhd and there perform the installation. You can install this happens without incident, the program also in your original system reassured.

The additional freeware Virtual PC also allows easy on your real hard drive to boot the virtual system including the new installation. So you in addition saves you the trouble of installing double. The freeware Disk2vhd comes from the home of Microsoft and is compatible with all Windows systems since XP. It was designed to test new software to develop less problems and thus complaints with the operating systems of the manufacturer. The English-language program required just 0,8 MB on your hard drive. Most users are very satisfied with the program.

Description of the version: Disk2vhd

Now you can be even more secure that new programs on your system do no harm. Set up with Disk2vhd a virtual hard disk, on which you can drive up a copy of your system. In the current version, the boot partition must be large up to 127 GB. The operation of the program is simple and quite easy to understand without excellent knowledge of the English language. The compatibility is guaranteed also for the latest versions of Windows. A good freeware from Microsoft home.

The main features of the current version:

• Creating a virtual hard disk with up to 127 GB
• Creating a 1:1 copy of the current operating system
• Safe testing of new programs in a secure environment

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