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Discotheque Sound System DJ

The discotheque sound system DJ has two virtual turntable, the so-called deck. You can add songs and create smooth transitions between songs. With the crossfader you switch between the two decks back and forth, just like on the real DJ booth. The highlight is the matching function for the number of BPM (beats per minute): with this discotheque sound system DJ adjusts the speed of the songs in the deck creates a perfect mix between the two tracks - DJs with hardware equipment need years of practice to get such transitions. The auto DJ mode you can get started with right - just open the sound files, the discotheque sound system DJ does the rest completely alone. Of course, you can create manual mixes and add effects.

The vinyl simulation ensures real plates feeling: spinning, scratching and re winds (truncate) are no problem for the discotheque sound system DJ. The file formats MP3, M4A, MP4, CDA, OGG, WMA, WAV, AIFF and AU are supported. With the record function, you're taking yours with the discotheque sound system DJ of created mixes and save them in wave format. You can then just burn the mix on a CD. Single - and multichannel sound cards are supported by the discotheque sound system DJ and configured automatically. VST-plug-in the can also be used. Via the MIDI interface you can control even an external hardware mixer.

If you bet the discotheque sound system DJ at a party, you keep the overview by the categorization function: instead of dealing with boxes full of plates or discs, you select relaxed songs from the hard drive. And if it takes you on the dance floor, you can even your computer out of sight: your playlist is protected by password query from the curious guests access. The next party is determined, so you should download discotheque sound system DJ us equal to the best.

The features and benefits of the discotheque sound system DJ in the overview:

• Possible mix automatically or manually
• BPM adjustment function for perfect transitions
• Support all common sound formats - MP3 to OGG
• Vinyl simulation for authentic DJ feel
• Own mixes can wave file will be saved as
You can immediately get started • easy to use - even without prior knowledge

The development of the discotheque sound system DJ

Discotheque sound system DJ, from the Romanian software company Myxoft, was developed in collaboration with DJs from all over the world and won several awards. The goal was to create an easily understandable and intuitive alternative to the expensive DJ equipment. Succeeded: professional disc jockeys also are impressed by the functionality and one dough er friendliness of the software tools, because Myxoft has greatly simplifies their lives. Instead of heavy record crates and equipment for thousands euros, you need only a PC, hard disk or CD with music - and the discotheque sound system DJ.

Description of the version: Discotheque Sound System DJ

The current version of DSS DJ can come up with some very useful new features and significantly assist you in implementing your creative ideas. In edit mode, you can see a virtual mixer, which is very clear and structured organized and helps you to cut your favorite songs and create certain phrases. Of course, this is possible also in the so-called loop.

The most important innovations in the current version of DSS DJ

• Cut the songs to infinite pieces
• Audio sources can be played at different speeds
• Integration of playlists from other players
• the preset loops and the effects have been extended

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