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DirSync provides an optimal solution for data synchronization for newcomers.



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DirSync is a free program to match data from various devices and hard drives. According to selectable criteria, the program compares files and updated the outdated file versions.

DirSync requires no installation. All operations can be easily started via the program interface, which you start with a click on the exe file DirSync. From there, you select the source files and select the directory that you want to synchronize with the source files. DirSync checks whether the destination files at the same level as the source files. This is not the case, the old files will be replaced. It does no matter whether the destination files on another hard disk, a connected USB flash drive or an external drive are. DirSync can reconcile even files on other computers within a network. The overview is not about lost. The functions are explained in easy to understand. As a beginner you cope here quickly.

DirSync works faster than other synchronization programs, because it allows you to set criteria that crucial to match are. You can choose the date, size, attributes, and content. The selected criterion in the target file is up to date, the file remains unchanged. Settings, it is even possible to start data synchronization automatically and at specific times. In addition, DirSync request locks your computer when the synchronization is complete. You no longer need the computer after synchronization you can also automatically shut it down. That is, for example, when you run the synchronization over night. In addition, all changes are saved in a log file so that you can exactly follow all steps of the program.

Description of the version: DirSync

The current version 2.93 by DirSync brings an especially interesting feature in addition to some smaller bug fixes and optimizations. Because the current version is now multilanguage compatible. The ASCII version features German and English. The Unicode version brings in addition Russian House. Also, anyone who has desire, can now translate DirSync in the mother tongue. To a LNG file must simply be translated and moved into the language folder by DirSync.

Significant innovations by DirSync 2.93

• Multilanguage-enabled
• ASCII version delivers with the languages German and English
• Unicode version delivers with the languages German, English and Russian
• Your own translations are possible

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