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DirPrintOK allows you to store and print out the disk structure and the directories.



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Using the free software DirPrintOK, you can simply represent the drive structure of your PCs, all directories and any folders that exist on the PC, save, and print out.

If you want to print the contents of a drive and its directories and folders, you can use the free software DirPrintOK. Finally, it is important to have an overview at all times about the directory structure and the contents of folders on your own computer, because nowadays it has many important files, such as correspondence with authorities, employers and the private photo collection on his PC. While it was still possible in MS-DOS, directly print data about the structure of a computer, that is usually a problem new operating systems. The directories and files can be not just vividly displayed, but are part of a highly complex data fabric - with DirPrintOK you can easily solve the problem.

The software is similar to a Windows Explorer. If you download the program and install it on your PC, all structures, directories and other drive information can represent you with the help of his vividly. The menu is simple and clear, restrained the design, so that you can find the functions important for you and you quickly orient. In addition, DirPrintOK offers numerous other technical features. It is possible, for example, to invoke print preview before printing. So you can ensure you that the file has the desired content and save paper. It is also possible to export the collection of data to TXT, HTML, CSV or XLS.

DirPrintOK is compatible with the Windows operating systems 98, 2000, me, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Description of the version: DirPrintOK

The current version of the software DirPrintOK is characterized by a very clear menu navigation and many technical features. The software, which you can vividly represent drive structures, directories and folders, save and print out, allows E.g. a practical print preview and export of data. The DirPrintOK program is free of charge and me, XP, Vista and even 7 installs on computers with operating systems Windows 98, 2000.

The free software DirPrintOK in brief:

• Software can be quickly and easily downloaded and installed
• Clear presentation of directory structures and folders on the PC
• Ability to print, store or data export

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