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DirectX provides basic programs for many games: 2D and 3D graphics, audio and Engabegeräte.



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DirectX is a suite of APIs (application programming interface), which are intended to solve the tasks of game programming.

The most application is the creation of PC games. New versions of DirectX are supplied with new game applications because DirectX is quickly improved and the version that is included in Windows, is usually not the most recent. It includes following components: DirectInput (for input devices such as keyboard or mouse), DirectMusic (for playback of music), DirectShow, DirectX Graphics (a set of graphic interfaces), DirectSound (for playback and recording of sound), DirectPlay (for network communication) (for a / output of audio or video files), DirectSetup (for installation), DirectX Media objects (for modification of audio and video streams) and some other elements.

Many modern devices have DirectX compatible drivers, i.e.. You should install for the use of all functions of the device DirectX. Now allows the system of driver updates Windows only which download the appropriate libraries, and not the whole driver. The latest version is 11.0. It is compatible with all graphics cards are designed for the version 10.0. Most important new features are: shader model 5, Grafikkartenseitige subdivision of 3D faces into triangles and a better thread support the rendering pipeline.

You can download the latest DirectX free on our site. Sure you download just click on the button, to start the download. You have to click on "Open" or "Run the program from this location", to install the program immediately.

DirectX has the following functions:

• Technologies for the execution of important applications, such as color graphics, video, 3D animations, and audio.
• Updates to improve the security and performance of your computer
• many new features for all technologies, which can be accessed by applications using the DirectX API
• Support for network communication
• Support for various input devices like keyboard and mouse
• Coverage of almost all multimedia

The history of DirectX

From the outset, DirectX was designed for games. in 1994, Microsoft was going to produce the new system Windows 95. The programs that could be used were the most important factor for a new system. If producers would have considered more suitable for the writing of the game applications DOS, Windows 95 had no success. Microsoft needed a new way to allow the user access to the graphics card, keyboard, mouse, and so on. This new solution called DirectX. The first edition took place in September 1995 under the name "Windows Game SDK". The last version so far was the eleventh of the 22 July 2009.

Description of the version: DirectX

With DirectX, you can use the latest hardware, which is dependent on this plugin, such as the latest 3d accelerator cards. The latest version supports the current standard in the field of graphics card acceleration, so that you can use the new effects like tessellation. Improvements in the latest version of optimize the performance and safety, so that you can get more out of your system.

Content from direct X version 9.29.1962

• Together with the latest runtime are included in all previous versions.
• The DirectX API gives the software access to 3d audio and video hardware.
• The operation of many input devices, such as gamepads, improves with the latest version.

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