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Diner Dash - you can't escape from the Office and in the restaurant give you variety



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Diner Dash

In Diner Dash you are running your own restaurant. Your guests should be you very close to the heart, because only when you staff to serve them, they feel comfortable with you and like to come back. With the restaurant critic you do not forfeit it friends, because the existence of your premises depends on its assessment. In the course of the game, you meet different guests at dinner dash. Every guest has different requirements and quirks that you you have to adjust to. A total five different guest profiles occur when Diner Dash, which require a lot of you.

Each of the 40 levels in Diner Dash provides you with a new challenge and a new target provides you, that you have to reach to be successful. When you begin the game Diner Dash, you explains how it all works, so that the entry in the gastronomy is not difficult. You can easily coordinate the work steps with the mouse. First, the work processes are still easy to deal with, but you come soon pretty sweat, when you have to run back and forth between the tables, the bar and the dish tray. You mustn't lose not the nerve, then you're a great talent for organization soon and can rise to the top of the career ladder.

Not only the concept of Diner Dash convinced, but also sound and graphics. The music makes good mood and the sounds that come up in your restaurant, are very authentic. You hear as clearly as the coffee machine gurgles, your Cook in a diner eating prepared dash or the babble of voices of your guests. Also graphically diner here what makes dash. It is all very realistic so that you feel immediately like in a proper place. Everything is very carefully and clearly designed. You can watch your guests, as they browse the menu and later eat their food and drinks.

Why Diner Dash is right for you

• Test the game 60 minutes free
• Change to the Office
• The right, to pass the boredom
• Conquer 40 challenging levels
• Do career in your own restaurant
• Discover the loving design of the game

Background of Diner Dash

Big fish games programmers have developed again a game dash also Diner, which guaranteed distributes the boredom. Although it is listed in the category of against the time games, but in Diner Dash you also the possibility to try you, and later you can then go into career mode.

Description of the version: Diner Dash

Diner Dash is a fun computer game, what can captivate you thanks to a simple but exciting Spielprinzipes for hours on the computer. Diner Dash you need as a player at a restaurant take orders and editing. Because you don't have to use all tables of the restaurant but, organizational skills and overview is required. The game is waiting with a comic book-like and unpretentious graphic and offers some entertaining sound effects.

The most important facts about the computer game Diner Dash:

• Play the waiter for a restaurant
You can get more tips • with much talent for organization and overview
• Fun, colorful graphics and fun sound effects

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