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The arrangement of the desktop icons with DIManager X are at your fingertips, always in the same place.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

DIManager X

This freeware makes working on the computer more convenient, because the icons on the desktop can be positioned firmly with the DIManager X program. This is completely regardless of what screen resolution has just saved your PC or Mac.

The icons on the desktop slip suddenly quite somewhere without the freeware program DIManager X, once you change the resolution on your computer screen. That is now over. At your fingertips you can find all the icons there, where you usually always have them. DIManager X stores your settings namely and positioned the icons on the screen of your computer, so how you want it. You save you costly back and moving the icons. And you immediately know where you can find everything. No more searching the icons you need often to launch your programs or open files. Everything is in its place and that makes the work much easier.

It is sometimes useful to change the screen resolution. A film just create more, if the resolution of the screen is adjusted accordingly and the appearance of images will change as well. Even after a new installation, the screen resolution changes frequently. This has a great influence on the arrangement of icons on the screen. Finally enough space at small resolution not for the full view. What you need is the freeware DIManager X. The arrangement of the desktop icons can be just so establish yourself with the program button, as you know it. DIManager X namely stores the specified arrangement for each selectable resolution of your computer screen. A button and all desktop links are back in place.

Good to know: you need not even to install the program. If you want it, the program moves up automatically with once starts the Windows startup. You simply specify this in the settings.

Description of the version: DIManager X

The DIManager X in the current version includes automatic updates. The free program works, from depending on the settings, the selected positions of the icons on the screen. When Windows starts, the stored configurations on request directly with boot up. This proves particularly useful in the use of computers by different users. Everyone has his own orders with different screen settings. Thanks to the freeware, every user has his usual view immediately visible. The software is compatible with all major operating systems.

The DIManager in the latest version

• Desktop profiles for each individual user and each resolution
• Automatic updates
• Use in several languages possible
• Compatible with Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows NT 4.0 and Windows Vista

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