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Digital waves is a screen saver in the styles of the 1960s lava lamps.



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Digital Waves

It doesn't matter whether you have a soft spot for the era of hippies or like to spend your weekends on Goa parties. Was a bit more colour always your thing? You can now make nails with heads and colour even really beef up your desktop. With digital waves, that's easy: download, install, and already it goes right to the point on your desk or in your workplace.

Digital waves makes your desktop to the Wonderland of the color. To chill out a bit of color is never wrong. A bit of color? Digital waves a colorful dream world is opens friends, which invites you to relax, pause and linger. Color pattern in all conceivable combinations will make you forget the time and encourage you to dream. By the way: In the configuration menu of the digital waves hidden in the HTML Help file features, such as speed of the colour change and type of the pattern, can vote. So that you forget the time when watching digital waves, time can be incidentally optionally Unhide.

All gradient generated by digital waves and patterns are generated in real time and thus ensure steady variety. Virtually endless possible combinations guaranteed not bored. Of course digital waves to better suited as a screen saver, if you have friends to visit. Just turn lights off, put on good music and enjoy the colorful color game your high-tech lava lamp relaxed. Even better: Projected with a beamer on a wall, you can compete each seventies disco with the digital waves screen saver. The psychedelic shimmer, flicker and Wabern on your wall will provide guaranteed open mouths and amazed faces. You know someone who doesn't like squeaky-bright colours and symmetrical shapes games? On his desktop to install secretly digital waves and let him, where depends on the color of hammer.

This characterises digital waves:

• Real time calculation of patterns and colors
• Speed and mould change configurable
• Optional clock function
• Optional text display
• Adjustable mouse sensitivity
• Quickly installed

A throwback to the era of hippies

The lava lamp, a cult object of the hippie era, was probably in 1963 by the Indian businessman Edward Craven Walker developed and led to the market and in the 1990s experienced a revival; If you want to get a little feeling of lava lamps in your four walls, try to use digital waves. The trial version of digital waves can be downloaded free and upgraded in favor.

Description of the version: Digital Waves

Digital waves has been improved in the latest version and revised. Several new features are available. Thus, the use of the program is now even better. It is now possible to represent 3D text, to further personalize the appearance. In addition, more menu items have been added. The time mode provides information about the time when the screen saver is invoked.

Digital waves in the version 1.2 offers many interesting innovations

• In the version of digital waves 1.2 has been added to the 3d text.
• The menu item time moder is now available.
• In the current version of Dreamwaver is the Meüounkt blended mode available

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