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Digital paintball 2 is an online game and is curious to make real to play paintball.



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Digital Paintball

Digital paintball 2 is the version of the game a popular sport. As in the real paintball, you must hit your opponent with paint balls and put out of action in this online game.

The control of digital paintball 2 works like all other known shooter games. But, you have the possibility to change the control digital paintball 2 and to adapt your game habits. It is important that you sit apart with the functions of "Running" and "Jumping". You can overcome some obstacles only with a double jump and there are functions with which you can affect your speed.

Digital paintball 2 can be played only in the multiplayer system. After starting the game, you need to so bind you to a server and make contact with the other players. If you so find a server, on which you yourself can participate game a digital paintball 2, you simply open a private game, and waiting for friends to switch themselves. Digital paintball 2 is based on the Quake 2 engine. Thus the graphics not the highest, although corresponds to but you're certainly still have fun at the game and it runs without any problems on older operating systems.

Some very nice wallpapers available are friends. In a level of digital paintball 2, you play as before and in an old Castle. Dark clouds in the sky and you have to hurry to make your opponents in digital paintball 2 harmless. You must comply with 2 different missions in each level by digital paintball, and with your paintballs hit certain enemies. The weapon is nicely designed. It is gratifying in this game that here no blood flows.

Requirements for playing digital paintball 2

• Windows operating system from Windows 98
• 30 MB of available disk space on the hard disk
• DirectX 9.0 c (available as a free download available)
• A video card
• 128 MB of RAM minimum
• Internet connection, because the game only in the multiplayer online works

System requirements and download

The minimum requirements for the installation of digital paintball 2 are listed below. As operating systems are Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The minimum requirements that your system should meet are: processor 800 MHz, memory 128 MB, OpenGL video, 30 MB of free disk space, the presence of DirectX 9.0 c and an Internet connection. The download is free of charge and the provider allows the transfer of digital paintball 2.

Description of the version: Digital Paintball

Digital paintball 2 offers a much better graphics compared to its predecessor. Landscapes and objects look much more realistic than even before. Also, the control has been revised a little and it now further adjustments can be made. Now many different maps and weapons at your disposal which make possible different tactics are for the game. Last but not least also the online mode was expanded to ensure the multiplayer fun.

The key features of digital paintball 2 at a glance

• Better graphics for a realistic gaming experience
• Optimal control and various setting options
• Many new maps and weapons
• Online mode for the game with friends all over the world

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