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Digital Photo Maker is an editing and management program for digital pictures and videos.



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Digital Foto Maker

Digital Photo Maker is a useful tool if you want to manage or edit large amounts of images or videos. So, digital photo Maker can create for example from individual photos panoramas. The built-in function "FaceID" Digital Photo Maker allows to detect people. This is a handy feature if you are looking for particular recordings. 'PhotoID' feature in this program you can find duplicate or very similar photos in your collection. Thus, digital photo Maker allows you to a better organization of your photo collection. Also the assortment of matching images in an album with digital photo maker is easy to do.

The new version of digital photo Maker allows you to process an entire folder in one step. So, you're getting all the photos in a folder at once red eyes or "falling lines". These are the typical effects of recordings that were not created by a professional photo unfortunately. This automatic correction function in the digital photo maker, you give your digital photos a professional face. You can also visually striking to make automatic zoom with digital photo maker and upload videos directly to the YouTube portal. Digital Photo Maker is a very practical solution that provides you with a comfortable and easy to use user interface.

If you want to try digital photo maker, to incidents using a demo version is available on the Internet free to download. All you have to do is click on the download button and follow the installation instructions on your screen. After the trial, a paid registration is required. The full version is to acquire for less than 40 euro. You can either order it on CD as a software package, or send you an unlock code for unlimited use by the manufacturer can be.

The features of digital photo maker

• Management of photos and videos
• Editing whole folders
• FaceID person detection
• Finding similar photos PhotoID
• Creation of panoramic images
• Upload videos directly to YouTube

System requirements and download

Digital Photo Maker is designed for use with the Windows operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The download size of the test version is 156.7 megabytes. Because of its size, the use of a download manager is highly recommended.

Description of the version: Digital Foto Maker

The latest version of digital photo maker offers some valuable new features for managing your image collections. You have the ability to categorize your files and can even automatically sort your images via a specially developed cataloguing function. The program learns from your text input from the previous photos and accordingly compares the matches in the new images, such as for example the face contours of the protagonists.

The most important Neuerungend he latest version of digital photo maker.

• Categorization and management of image files
• Automatic catalog function for structuring the files
• Multiple photos at the same time can compressed or processed
• Tonal values are displayed in histogram window

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