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DigiFoto is a photo editing program that reads the information from the EXIF file.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 24.05.2011


DigiFoto is a photo editing program that you can download for free. It helps you to edit your digital photos, remove distracting elements, and to save all images with all information clearly.

You need not to install DigiFoto. By the fast start feature, you can simply download it and unzip the compressed file. Submit then double click the icon to start the application and the first images to edit. The good thing about the program is that you can read the EXIF files of your photos with the software and also save. Information about the camera used, the settings and date of recording is located in the EXIF file. If you have private images that you want to see no one without your permission, you can tag the pictures that is queried when you open the file with a password. So you can be sure, that without you no one can see your photos. So that nobody can fraudulently use your image on the Internet, there is also the possibility to deposit a ciphertext at the store, which you can use to identify your photos at any time.

DigiFoto has many features with which you can edit your pictures, if they are not so good. Red eyes can be easily removed, are some filters to choose from and also the brightness and contrast in your photos can be edited to. Some tools are available, including the rectangular and free hand tools and a magic wand. DigiFoto offers you also a classical character features and some special effects. To print, you can select between the standard size and a picture overview, where multiple images resized are represented. And using the slideshow function you can present professionally your pictures with DigiFoto others.

Description of the version: DigiFoto

In the current version, which is now available for download, the version 3.3.1 is included with an update. Update you will be supplied with the latest improvements to the program. The help file is now easier to download and updated. The version check there had been before error messages, which are now eliminated and for the selection of individual picture elements, there has also been improvements. So now also shrinking the selection by using the keyboard shortcuts CTRL and SHIFT is possible. Also a brand new forum for DigiFoto was started.

The current version 3.4.8 of DigiFoto

• Removed version check error messages
• Reduction of selected elements by using keyboard shortcuts
• Add selections by SHIFT key
• Updated Help file
• DigiFoto Forum on the website of the provider

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