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The Digifish AquaReal 2 enchants your non-working time with the fascinating world of the South Pacific.



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Digifish AquaReal

Digifish AquaReal 2 is a 3D screen saver, you decorate your work breaks to the computer. The observation of fish should act very reassuring on the brain. With the new Digifish AquaReal 2, you can enjoy pure relaxation during breaks. You will find on your screen Wimpel-and velvet anemones, lemon fin surgeonfish and and again a fearsome shark. But don't worry, he can do anything your Favorites, because all fish live peacefully together in your Digifish AquaReal 2.

Let take you by the current Digifish AquaReal 2 into the fascinating underwater world and enjoy the impressive 3D graphics. Whenever you need a break from working on the computer, then he kidnapped you Digifish AquaReal 2 into the world of Nemo and his friends. You can enjoy the convenience of an aquarium without having to struggle you with the work of such biotope. The Digifish AquaReal 2 provides different scenarios for you and if you want it, you can play your favorite music in the background. With just one click, you can download your new screen saver here.

The Digifish AquaReal 2 shows you a colorful coral reef, that will remain always Virgin. No environmental disasters or leaking oil tanker can be a risk for your new underwater world. You may have 2 also likes your Digifish AquaReal holiday alone, because you have to not feed the fish, Yes. Enjoy the power of the tides in your relaxation phases from the stressful everyday life. He makes you forget the daily routine and takes you to the vast expanses of the ocean. Digifish AquaReal 2 you can operate in interactively with your fish by touching them, tease and even feed them. You can also attract a fearsome shark with the click of a mouse.

You get that with the new Digifish AquaReal 2:

• Relaxation pur on the computer
• stunning underwater world
• beautiful 3D graphics
• accurate replica of a fairytale world
• Background music according to your wishes
• colorful shimmering schools of fish from colourful coral

System requirements for the Digifish AquaReal 2

You need for the new Digifish AquaReal 2 the operating system Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP or Vista and a processor running at 600 MHz clock frequency. Your computer should have at least 256 MB RAM and have at least 40 MB of free hard disk memory. You will also need more DirectX from 9.0, a sound card and a video card with at least 16 MB of video RAM.

Description of the version: Digifish AquaReal

If you like the ocean and fish, the latest demo of screensavers Digifish AquaReal 2 provides you with an insight into the making of the programme. On your monitor, you're watching a selection of new, dazzling colorful fish species that are abound now even with life-like animations in the equally new and differently designed coral reefs. But beware of the relaxation, recently a voracious shark in peaceful waters shows up every now and then.

Digifish AquaReal 2 surprise with innovations

• A selection of new fish species
• Lifelike animations of the fish and the environment
Surprising • shark attacks for more voltage
• Various coral reefs for more variety

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