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DigiBand is a free music-simulation game for the PC and promises long gameplay.



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The least mastered an instrument so well that they could play in a real band. To learn an instrument requires talent, years of training, or both. While playing guitar simulations on the console with a controller specially designed, sufficient for DigiBand ordinary PC keyboard. Granted, you mastered also DigiBand overnight. But with a few weeks of practice will succeed any, to play the songs of his favorite band on the local computer.

In contrast to other well-known guitar simulation with DigiBand of not just five, but all six strings of a conventional guitar allow with the keyboard play. This although ensures a more difficult start in the game, but at the same time boasts an even higher degree of realism. For DigiBand accommodates you with an of difficulty tunable exactly in ten levels, so that frustration experiences be avoided from the outset. The principle of DigiBand is simple: it is to strike the notes displayed on the virtual fretboard as accurately as possible and in this way to earn points for the overall standings. In addition to a well functioning keyboard, you need above all a certain amount of sense of rhythm to hammer the songs successfully into the computer.

Visually, will above all Anime fans feel the game immediately addressed, have Japan-savvy programmers made but valiant effort to give the game an appropriate touch. In addition to the fretboard in modern 3D, the typical characters animated characters in the menus of DigiBand conspicuous even at first glance. In addition you can play not only guitar in DigiBand but you try as an alternative to the drum sticks. DigiBand is designed for computers with Internet connection, because it brings no more than three playable tracks from House. However, the opposite is that you can obtain supplies without major problems on many websites and accordingly expand your own repertoire.

The most important details to DigiBand

• two modes of play: guitar and drums
• ten levels of difficulty
• Multi player capability
• Support for XBOX360 and PS2 guitar-controllers
• small download size (less than 30 MB)
• new songs from the Internet download

What distinguishes DigiBand

DigiBand is a freeware project and can be downloaded completely free and used. DigiBand, you can play alone or with up to two friends. Optionally, you can connect also the popular guitar controller of the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation to the PC. The program runs on all Windows systems from Windows 98.

Description of the version: DigiBand

This revised version of DigiBand allows you using your computer's keyboard to simulate drums or guitar to one of the three offered songs. Who puts the displayed buttons at the right moment, collects points! In various levels of difficulty, you can test your skills as a musician and play through the existing songs. But be careful: you press the keys not in the right rhythm, too often you're flying from the stage.

The features of DigiBand in overview

• Choose between ten different difficulty levels
• Play in multiplayer mode with up to three players simultaneously
You can connect • real drumset or guitar controller

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