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The cradle of Babylon 1.0 offers entertaining hours in which you are looking for buried treasure.



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Die Wiege Babylons

The cradle of Babylon 1.0 you may have with the entertaining game resurrects one of the largest cities of the ancient world, which has long sunk in the sand, in virtual form. Play the cradle of Babylon 1.0 offers you the possibility, like an archaeologist always more treasures to reveal. Your work begins with a fairly simple tent settlement on the site of the once legendary city Babylon and ends with the magnificent palaces made of marble, which once dominated the cityscape. You ask the question, as the cradle of Babylon shall go before 1.0 playing safe now. First, you have the task to make rows of three same elements that are connected to each other on the game board with the mouse pointer. As a result, you free the objects which are hidden below the box in the sand. The other tokens then move into the gap that has emerged at this point.

In this way you can play the cradle of Babylon 1.0 to create an empire that gradually grows. On the way you solve exciting puzzles, transform game pieces with the magic wand into magic treasures or bombing just as the stones with dynamite away, lying in the road. In all these activities always a clock running, because only if you in the puzzle are the cradle of Babylon 1.0 blocked stones during the allotted time free doing, you can get to the next level of the game. There you uses the collected treasures for the next step of construction. Play the cradle of Babylon 1.0 impresses with its appealing graphics and gives you through the respective levels, which differ by their increasing level of difficulty, a fun day. The puzzle the cradle of Babylon 1.0 runs on the OS WIN 98, 98 SE, 2000 and XP. It needs a space of 31.64 MB and is available as free shareware or paid full version.

The puzzle the cradle of Babylon 1.0 you can download a free trial version. The game time to 60 minutes.

More the cradle of Babylon 1.0 features:

• free trial: match duration one hour
• different levels
• Full version available
Graphics appealing •
• Cradle of Western culture
• Form rows with the same objects that are connected

The cradle of Babylon 1.0 and the history

The software the cradle of Babylon 1.0 belongs to the classics, which reconstruct legendary cities using different levels. Babylon was an ancient city, which is about 90 miles south of the present-day city of Baghdad was right on both banks of the river Euphrates. It existed until about the third century after Christ. With the puzzle the cradle of Babylon 1.0 it is you possible, again exposing the fortress belt, the city walls and the inner area where the Palace was, and give rise to new.

Description of the version: Die Wiege Babylons

In the computer game "the cradle of Babylon 1.0" the ancient desert city of Babylon must be rebuilt. By puzzles of increasing difficulty, you can buy more and more resources for this endeavor. You can do it, to discover the hidden objects within the time limit, you're going to the next level. You can integrate the acquired treasures into the settlement and continue to grow your Babylon.

The challenges of Babylon 1.0 at a glance

• Let the legendary desert town back to life!
• Earn more and more goods for the urban development.
• Solve the puzzles and get to the next level.

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