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Create with the new the Sims 3 - patch your own Sims and determine the course of their lives.



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  • Updated: 24.05.2011

Die Sims 3 - Patch

A new patch is released for one of the most popular building strategy games: the new the Sims 3 - patch. In the Sims 3, the player can create his own Sims, Miss them a personality and an outfit, and eventually to control their lives.

With the new that Sims 3 - patch can you make your Sims again after heart mood, dress, make-up and equipped with accessories. You can of course affect your Sims personality: your SIM a daredevil should be or rather shy? A good Kisser or hopeless romantic? Or clumsy, fearful, Nice or maybe vegetarians? The possibilities seem almost endless and every SIM is a unique specimen. For many, this part already means lots of fun and can fill many hours of play. But actually the game starts now.

Because now you can move your Sims into your House and you really intervene in her life. So can be chosen first, what career paths you want to embark on the Sims. There is a wide range of scientists over the waitress up to small-time crook. But even apart from the professional career can be made also that determine its Sims hobbies and personal relationships between his and other Sims the Sims 3 - patch where. Your SIM for example like to fish with his small daughter to the Lake, like he meets with his friends in the nearby swimming pool or malt he alone in his Studio? It's all in your hand.

The control has not changed even with the the Sims 3 - patch and is easy as ever. Click with the right mouse button on an object or a different SIM and then one of the displayed select which SIM you want to perform. Or click move with the left mouse button at a point and the SIM is there. The menu, in which the needs of the Sims are displayed is clear and easy to see through.

Description of the version: Die Sims 3 - Patch

The latest patch for the Sims 3 can fix many bugs and provide for better performance and greater stability. In addition to changes to the main game, some things on the extensions change. The Sims 3: in this patch on the bug fixes in the latest extension is placed in the most value late night. Some illogical elements could be removed: for example, SIM babies can invite now doesn't have any friends on the phone to his home and pregnant women take part in any fighting.

Examples of bug fixes with the new the Sims 3 - patch 1.18

• Fixes various sound bugs
• Troubleshooting with ATI graphics cards
• On blown-up pianos can be played no music now
• Hot tubs can be placed on balconies
• Butler can brighten the mood of infants
• And many more...

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