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Diddl's Christmas screensaver - free screen saver for any fan of Diddl.



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Diddl's weihnachtlicher Bildschirmschoner

Diddl is a sweet and popular mouse for children, adolescents, and remained all young adults. The cartoon mouse by Thomas Goeletz now comes to you in your Kingdom. Diddl's screensaver Christmas mouse, now also suitable for the season, in your room, helps you to get to your desktop and to watch her in a snowball fight. Diddl's Christmas screen saver shows Diddl that knows how to take advantage of the snow with their characters animated friends. Alternately, all the characters throw snowballs at your screen.

If you just not on your PC sits and chat, write emails, or are travelling in ICQ or Twitter, Diddl's Christmas screen saver turns on automatically. Diddl's Christmas screen saver shows Diddl and her friends in a nice animation and transforms your room into a charming, adventurous and snow-covered winter landscape. A winter paradise for any fan of Diddl.

Diddl's Christmas screensaver is easy to install, and beautiful to look at. He is also free of charge. Just click DOWNLOAD and it you download to see the little mouse on your screen. You can recommend it to your friends and thus give them a big and sweet pleasure. Diddl's Christmas screen saver takes away almost no space, because it is only 1.3 MB in size. Diddl's Christmas screen saver for many systems is also suitable, as for example: Win95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista.

Diddl's Christmas screensaver - features:

• Free download the screensaver
• Install easily and quickly
Just tell a friend •
Let's play with their friends the little mouse •
• Enjoy the winter landscape with friend comic
• Look to who will win the snowball fight

Diddl's Christmas screensaver - background information:

Diddl, the jumping mouse for all children and the young at heart. 1990, Thomas Goletz made the first crude draft of Diddl, which was at that time still a kangaroo. The Diddlmaus today, so popular, cute, small, white, cuddly was then further designs. Unless there is the well-known products now also screensavers and Christmas - Diddl's Christmas screen saver to match. Diddl's Christmas screen saver has existed since 2005 and is accessible to everyone free of charge. You download the screensaver and be always up to date - Diddl's Christmas screen saver.

Description of the version: Diddl's weihnachtlicher Bildschirmschoner

Also on the PC very Christmas: with Diddl's Christmas screen saver you can look forward to a snow-white Festival on your computer! The naughty Diddlmaus delivers their friends a hot snowball fight on your screen - like throws the fun Pack directly on your screen. Another plus: Diddl's Christmas screensaver is compatible and even free download with all versions of Windows.

The coolest features in Diddl's Christmas screen saver:

• Freeware
• Easy-to-download
• With all versions of Windows compatible
• Consumes only 1.3 MB in size - low disk space
• Funny sign trick animation button

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