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The Diagram Designer is a tool if you need to create often different charts.



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Diagram Designer

With the programme diagram you can create quickly and easily various types of diagrams, flow plans and even drawings Designer. This eliminates the tedious construction by using other drawing programs for you. Easily and quickly you can graphically evaluate your data.

If you are currently a commercial or technical training, you'll know quickly appreciate the advantages of the programme Diagram Designer. The drawing organization charts that are used, for example, the representation of the organizational of structure of a company, is easy. The various elements of the box with the drag -and-drop function simply drawn on the Artboard and be provided with the corresponding connection lines. This program offers various types of arrows. You can pull this in the Diagram Designer by using the drag -and-drop on the drawing surface. If you added together all the appropriate symbols and connected, you can label them with the appropriate terms. Another advantage, the the diagram designer offers you, is that you can design these colour. You recognize an error in the schedule, the update is no problem also more for you. Within a few minutes you have made the corresponding changes with the Diagram Designer.

The program lets you create many different schematic representations. Data flow DIA Piledriver, as they are needed, for example, for Visual illustration in the organisational, can also create in a short time. The numerous predefined symbols are handy for you first and foremost. You can find this clearly represented in the various object libraries. You can find it quickly, because the symbols in the libraries on the respective subjects such as electronics, website and documents are grouped together. Another advantage is that can allow to connect multiple worksheets and you create such a presentation.

Description of the version: Diagram Designer

The diagram gives you a tool Designer in the version 1.24 for your computer, which you can use to create the different schematics effortlessly. The predefined objects make it easier to create. The version 1.24 supports almost all formats such as WMF, JPEG, PNG, EMF, GIF, BMP, MNG, and PCX. You can download the freeware on your computer, clicking on the corresponding button. If you want the tool in the German language, then you need to install but still the language pack designer to the diagram. In the original, it is in English.

Information about the Diagram Designer in the version 1.24:

• Is the author of the tool MeeSoft
• For use in German the corresponding language pack must be installed
• Operating system Windows 98
• 1.32 MB storage space
• Processor: Pentium
• RAM: 32 MB

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