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Facility Planner helps you design your House or your apartment.



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Deutsche Bank-Bauspar-Einrichtungsplaner

If you are just planning to move or remodel your apartment, the facility Scheduler is a real help for you. Especially when it comes to a new apartment, you never know whether really fit all stuff and furniture. Also, you usually no exact idea has new home should look like. The facility Scheduler allows you, that you can plan everything in advance. The facility Scheduler saves you time, because you must not longer days back the furniture and putting it off, until it's finally. Facility Planner is your virtual helper when it comes to furnish the apartment according to your wishes and ideas. The facility Scheduler saves it you, that you have to go again and again new sketches.

Search transfers you to the matching Interior facility Planner directly on the PC. The good thing about this program is that you can always move your furniture in another corner. The facility Scheduler makes it friends more than easy to move the tables, cabinets, sofa sets, until it's finally in the right position. There is also facility Planner, where you can upload floor plans. You need put the pieces of furniture is in place and your new home is ready. The facility Scheduler provides plants and various other things available. So you can't really plan everything down to the smallest detail and can see directly on the screen, how the new home should look like.

You're setting up the new place you with the software in three steps. First, you need to make the plan. Include doors, scale window, separating and load-bearing walls and the right flooring. This you should so detail be true, only how. Because only if the facility Scheduler can all establish so that it fits well at the end. You have completed the framework so far, so it goes with the interior design. Using the mouse, you can now move your furniture in the virtual home. You're the furniture from the database and then simply in your apartment. The facility scheduler has many objects and patterns furniture for you. When you're done, then the facility Scheduler represents the result in three dimensions you.

The functions at a glance:

• easy operation with mouse
• Can be made over and over again planning
• Use many pieces of furniture from the database
• Plan in advance and as often as you want
• Result is represented in three dimensions
• Plants can be used in planning

What operating systems do you need?

The facility Scheduler requires Win95/98SE/98/2000/Me/XP/NT or 2003.

Description of the version: Deutsche Bank-Bauspar-Einrichtungsplaner

The facility Planner you can on your screen quickly and easily give rise to your future home furnishings and just paint from you, how your Habitat could soon look. With many different tools, you can play around with your idea of the perfect home furnishings and go through all the possibilities. So you later if it is really on it, are well prepared. The tools allow you a precise placement of Windows, doors and furniture.

The new facility planner of Deutsche Bank:

• Download size of the new facility Planner is: 945 KB
• The good image resolution is accurate recording possible
• Provide an accurate designing the many new tools
• The file is easily downloaded

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