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Desktop Games provides several features to respond off again everything goes wrong.



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Desktop Games

Turn the melodies from the Super Mario games in completely new songs. Do you just choose one of the Allstars characters and placing him on the touch lines. Each character has a different tone. While Mario is a keep "Klong" by itself, the Super Star distributed soft "Klings". In the right combination, you can adjust even well-known songs or design just completely new compositions. Incorrectly used tones disappear immediately by clicking with the right mouse button.

• Program to create your own songs
• The Allstars characters as sound carriers
• Self-explanatory operation mask
• Simple storage options
• Mario songs from the games as the basis
• Low file size of the program

Description of the version: Desktop Games

Desktop Games is the first version of this fun program and offers you the possibility to relieve your stress right on your desktop. With the varied features, it is never boring guaranteed, and if you have enough of it, you can restore the original state by a single push of a button, no matter what the termites, the hammer or the Squibs previously on the desktop did. So no data is lost you, and you can continue to work then normal.

Unlimited fun with the desktop games

• Termite attacks on the file plan
Change the big picture • vandalize
Through tax stamps do defaced •
• A beat with the hammer on the desktop
• Use the chain saw to cut
Undo everything with a push of a button

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