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DeskCalc SE is more than a calculator, because it is equal to three in one with many features.



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DeskCalc SE

When one speaks about DeskCalc SE, one does not speak of one, but of three calculators. Because the software replaces not only your Windows calculator with its standard features, but adds it to a commercial computer, as well as a formula calculator. No matter what mode you are running the DeskCalc SE, you always access to all functions. Of course you can take over figures for the calculation of other applications in and take over your complete calculation with DeskCalc SE in other applications such as spreadsheets or word processors.

One of the most pleasant advantages of DeskCalc SE is an ergonomics. You need on the one hand more and not looking at the screen and the desktop computer to switch no separate Desk Calculator. The same applies to the keyboards, between which you need no longer to switch when using DeskCalc SE. The operation is extremely easy and does not require single - or getting used, because the DeskCalc SE works just like a normal desktop computer. And one of the advantages of a desktop computer is also not an argument, because the program has a virtual paper strip. On this all inputs and processing steps are logged, as well as a desktop calculator with paper roll also.

A currency conversion is not a problem with DeskCalc SE also, because by providing free access to the European Central Bank are always the current conversion rates available. A sales tax calculation has never been so easy with DeskCalc SE, and this list of benefits could continue to arbitrarily. Best you try yourself once the DeskCalc SE and you are downloading the free trial right here from our site with the download function. Then, you have 30 days time, currencies and interest rates to calculate or perform any other type of calculation.

DeskCalc SE features:

• Calculator for Windows
• 3 different modes available
• Transfer from and to other applications
• Input and processing steps are traceable
• Trial version (30 days)
• for Windows 2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7

Background information on DeskCalc SE

DeskCalc SE is a development of the same name DeskCalc GbR from Kleinwallstadt between Würzburg and Frankfurt. The solution is on the market since 2001 and is being continuously developed. The software is tested and become due to their functional scope also according to often-test winner and has received awards and recommendations.

Description of the version: DeskCalc SE

The current release of DeskCalc SE features a number of innovations that strongly support you in the processing of invoices and cost estimates in other currencies. Alignment with the layout of Office 2007 is particularly successful. A position counter for you available now is the tip Strip for an increased clarity. Also, there is now also a time machine in addition to the new unit calculator.

The most important changes in the current release of DeskCalc SE:

• Display range in the tip box
• advanced printing features for more Nutzerkompfort
• Possibility of support large fonts
• completely revised and optimized user interface
• Integration of PopUp window

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