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The move Planner is a useful and helpful instrument for the upcoming move.



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Der Umzugsplaner

The move Planner gives you a reminder Wizard on the hand that can guide you through the potential chaos of an impending move as a user of the program. Because it is an old saying: whether moving in-house, or professionally designed using a forwarding - an optimal planning and preparation is everything here. The move Planner helps you in this situation, to avoid unnecessary costs with an integrated check-list. At the same time, the move Planner can ensure to take you a little moving stress.

The move Planner gives you a wide range of applications on the hand as a user. When changing the apartment all important contact persons of the new address must be informed: related banks, insurance, tax office, business partner, a few to mention. The move Planner offers the possibility to enter all these partners in a special tool. Memory function, which sets a timeframe in good time before the planned moving date, you will be reminiscent of registration.

Click the address button, the move Planner offers, and your new address is printed out ready for your contacts using the print function. The move Planner is available as freeware, a fee will not be charged. Some information about the upcoming move be queried using the integrated housing function. The move Planner for example "asks" what is the concrete date of the move? Has the old apartment to be renovated? The move Planner to plan a moving service? The move Planner is easy and provided easy here to download. Click on the download button, and the moving Planner will be a great help when moving.

The move planner with many useful built-in features:

• Moves made easy.
• Freight forwarding companies for removals.
• Moving boxes, cartons, cardboard.
• Application of the power supply.
• Registration at the registration office.
• Keys to the tenant.

A free Downloader

The virtual Planner proves to be a useful program for anyone who want to move soon. The integrated calendar of moving significantly simplifies your organization for an upcoming move of the House. So you probably don't even forgets to order the movers, if you want to have done the move through professional help in a timely manner. The program is suitable in the current version for all Windows operating systems. The file size is very small with a total of 1.2 MB.

Description of the version: Der Umzugsplaner

The move Planner helps you to make your move and stress-free. For you simply download the move Planner free download. He creates you a moving calendar using your personal information. Among other things is asked here according to date and location change for any renovation work and required removal contractors. The ability to change data and delete, are also given. Have you created your personal moving calendar, you can print it out.

Moving made easy with the relocation Planner

• facilitates organization of the move
• required operating systems: Win95 / 98 / 98SE / me / 2000 / NT / XP / 2003 / Vista
• Outlook integration available
• Print function available
: File size 1.2 MB

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