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The writing coach offers a playful and efficient learning of the 10 finger system.



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Der Schreibtrainer

The writing coach is a paid, which you can use to learn the 10 finger system efficiently. If you write much professionally or privately, then it is advisable to control the 10-finger system. The writing coach is a software that will help you with many exercises to learn the system quickly. It is especially nice that many of the tasks have a high entertainment value and thus really makes learning fun. The writing coach does so on a stubborn retyping, but offers many creative and fun approaches to improve your dexterity.

The writing coach is divided into lessons, should all build on each other and that you therefore edit the turn. At the end each lesson is one increasing the writing coach hints and tips that will help you improve your margin of error and your write speed you. Also dictation, like for example a ten-minute test, which will be evaluated according to fixed, and text templates include the functionality of the software. The writing coach offers very different and varied exercises so that each learner can optimally use the program. To increase the learning effect, clear analysis tools available are with this software so that you can follow your progress very closely. You can graphically display also tabulated as the evaluations you.

As additional features, the writing coach offers you an electronic keyboard piano and a fun Hangman game. So certainly no boredom in learning. The writing coach has to offer not much while in the graphic area, but compared to other writing software, he convinces with sophisticated content.

The writing coach - the most important functions at a glance

• sophisticated training methods
• various tips and advice
Analysis tools • comprehensive
• context sensitive help system
• Keyboard piano
• Dictation and text templates

The writing coach - what you should know

The writing coach is used by many companies and also by educational institutions and counts as one of the most successful software for learning the 10 finger system. The writing coach is one of the shareware programs, which means that you can download a free trial version here. This is indeed indefinitely valid, but you can edit only the first 20 lessons.

Description of the version: Der Schreibtrainer

With the new version of typing tutor you will learn typing ten fingers with ease after the new German spelling. Playful you achieving practical exercises. Your performance is evaluated in tabular form, and the exercises are then matched to your pace and your services. In addition, the program provides tips and advice. The new version can be used under Windows Vista and offers a PDF manual.

New features of the writing coach updates:

• Teaching lessons that build on each other
• New German spelling
• Fits also to Windows Vista
• Tools such as quizzes, a keyboard as a piano and a sound Studio
• New PDF manual in Acrobat Reader format

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