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With Defraggler directories and single files possible to defragment time-saving.



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With the program of Defraggler not only whole hard drives can be defragmented, but also individual folders and even files. So you have full control over the defragmentation process and save a lot of time.

After prolonged use of disks it comes regularly to a fragmentation of the disk. Fragmentation refers to the storage of actually related data of a file system in different places of the storage medium. This can cause a reduction in the speed of access - the work processes are slowed down what may become apparent through longer loading times. For this reason should disk be defragmented from time to time. This is possible with the Defraggler. The advantage over conventional defragmentation programs which take multiple hours for the operation: With the Defraggler you choose which areas you want to edit. You can defragment not just the entire hard drive or individual partitions, but also directories, file packages, and even individual files - it saves lot of time. If it must go especially quickly, you can use the quick defrag function of the program.

The software supports the standard file systems NTFS and FAT32, and can show at a glance the degree of fragmentation of the selected hard drive. With the many additional features of Defraggler you can make check, for example, hard disk partitions on any errors. Big and little needed files can be automatically moved at the end of the disk, to increase the access time on files smaller and more important. Another practical feature is the timer function: you can leave with her to perform the defragmentation, while you are sleeping or not at home. Optionally, you can specify that Defraggler will independently operate in a certain rhythm.

Description of the version: Defraggler

The program of Defraggler 2.04 has been revised in the version again and offers some additional features - the defrag engine is new, also the compatibility to Windows 7 has been improved. Also newly added is the ability to automatically shut down your PC after the defragmentation process. The user interface has been reworked, Windows Explorer extensions for the analysis and defragmentation have been added. In addition, some minor bugs have been corrected so that the software is now stable.

2.04 Offers these new features Defraggler

• New defragmentation engine
• Improved compatibility with Windows 7
• Automatic shutdown after completed defragmentation
• New extensions for Windows Explorer
• Revised user interface
• Minor bugs have been eliminated

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