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DEFCON offers you the opportunity to challenge a global nuclear war to the computer for the first time.



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The gameplay is very simple. At the beginning of the game, you will be asked whether you want to play players in the network alone or with several. DEFCON can be downloaded for free, but some options of DEFCON are only available, if you registered the game against payment. Up to six players in the Internet and the local network can play against each other in the full version of DEFCON. In the demo version, there are only 2 players. Each player can choose a territory like North America, Russia, China or Europe. Before the game begins, you can merge different territories into a large territory and put under your control. Thus you can play to the readjustment of the Western and Eastern powers of the cold war as well as other fictional scenarios, such as a nuclear war between Europe and the Middle East, in DEFCON.

Before the game, you can set various conditions for the victory. In a conventional game, the group, which may lead to the loss of most the opponent wins. Diplomacy mode start as part of a coalition and trying to stay, while the Coalition is falling apart at an advantage. The player who suffered the fewest losses WINS. The game is divided into five phases, called DEFCON, that are bound to a timer. In DEFCON 5, the players place their units, which include ships, submarines and launcher for nuclear missiles. The units can be moved into DEFCON 4. The conventional war is authorized in DEFCON 5, fleets and aircraft can fight each other. There is no change in DEFCON 2. Once you have reached DEFCON 1, the use of nuclear weapons is possible.

You can download the demo version of the game from the manufacturer's website. There are also information, to obtain a key to make the full version of the demo version. You have also the possibility to purchase on the website the full version as the boxed version.

DEFCON has the following functions

• Play after a nuclear war
• Can compete up to 6 players in the full version
• 5 Exciting DEFCON levels peaked a lot
• Create alliances between the nuclear superpowers
• Create many individual parts with numerous choices
• The game is available for all major operating systems

The DEFCON story

The game comes from the House of Introversion Software was Tom Arundel by Chris Delay, Gary Chambers, and Mark Morris. The first version of the game was released in September 2006.

Description of the version: Defcon

Experience the global nuclear war with DEFCON. With DEFCON you command your nuclear forces alone or in coalition with other competitors, against the computer or against your friends in the network or the global Internet. With up to 6 players you fight you with aircraft, ships, submarines and long-range intercontinental missiles, to inflict maximum damage, or your appropriate to limit losses.

DEFCON offer the following features in the full version

• Multi player game with up to 6 players.
• In the Spektatormodus can be seen in a game.
• Adjustable victory conditions provide variety.
• Contempt you with different units.
Diplomacy mode you can make • large coalitions.

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