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DDD pool is a successful and realistic 3D simulation of the game with balls and queue.



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DDD Pool

And you can train exactly this experience with DDD pool, because the program convinces with its realistic implementation of the game. In the DDD pool is very easy, so you're already after a short time with the queue and the balls in the pockets of land. Here, you can play the game first in the training mode and with the operation and control make you familiar before you can take on your first opponent.

The billiard simulation is built for DDD pool in 3D, so you can get a realistic impression of the real game. By a total of 3 rooms standing to choose you can make the atmosphere you doing, who inspired you to play. It is to the smoky pub or rather be billiard Café? The choice is yours at DDD pool. If you are ready and have successfully completed the training program of DDD pool, you can compete billiards in the 8-ball, 9-ball or standard pool with your friends. And if just one of your buddies is available, you can play DDD pool against the computer and find out who is better from both of you. Here you can set the difficulty level, as well as the number of games to be played. After a game at DDD pool you must have so still not won or lost, but it can go on cheerfully over several rounds.

As a further option for DDD pool, there are then two modes in which you play against the clock. Here the aim is to sink all the balls in the pockets as quickly as possible. And if you're going to fast, you can enter you in the high score list and your glory. But even if you can't make it right off the bat, DDD pool has the potential to keep you long, and while entertaining at your PC.

Functions of DDD pool:

• 3D billiards game
• ease of use
• different game environments
• different game modes - standard pool, 8-ball, 9-ball
• Trial version
• Operating system: Win98/98SE/me/2000/XP

About DDD pool and the manufacturer

The game of billiards DDD pool developed by double games, which are known as game. Double games brings new games for a wide variety of platforms on the market and is thereby not on PC and Mac. The company developed also online browser games as well as games for the Apple i line. Thus, no one must also forgo his fun. All games are always multilingual available and therefore globally very popular.

Description of the version: DDD Pool

Do you like playing billiards? Then you should try DDD pool, a 3D pool game with compelling graphics, good implementation of the physical basics and a smooth flow of the game. Start in the training mode and take on the task before you you in the 8 or 9-ball billiard measures with your friends or the computer as an opponent. Here you can choose between 3 different environments in which you can play.

Features of the current version of DDD pool

• 3D billiards simulation
• detailed training mode
• 8 - or 9-Ball pool game species
• play against friends or the computer
• 3 different rooms as an environment for the selection

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