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dBpowerAmp Audio Player

Are you looking for a really strong audio player which allows you at any music format in the lurch? There are many audio players on the market, but not all really support the full range of formats. With the dBpowerAmp audio player, you're finally on the safe side in this respect. You can play all of your music, no matter from what source it comes. Let yourself inspire by the overwhelming richness of this classic of music playback for computer. With dBpowerAmp audio player, you can enjoy the whole variety of digitized music on all your devices, your PC, your notebook or NetBook and on your mobile devices. Lasse won't interrupt your listening pleasure, just because your player must once again come to download a filter or incorrectly detects a format. With the dBpowerAmp audio player that is certainly no longer happen to you. Fully go into the world of music on your computer and let convince yourself of the possibilities of the player.

You can with the dBpowerAmp audio player play not only music, but also perceive DJ functions, such as cross fade, so the Crossfading of tracks. The dBpowerAmp audio player offers you many possibilities of real DJs.

You can replace the skins of dBpowerAmp audio player and change to the user interface. The dBpowerAmp audio player visually displays all functions, so you you will anyway soon familiar with the operation of the program.

Other features of dBpowerAmp audio player:

• Library function
• Playlist editor
• ID3 tag editor
• WAV, MP3, Ogg and WMA even MIDI and real audio
• Normalization of Dynamics
• graphic equalizer

The developers of dBpowerAmp audio player

The software is developed by dBpoweramp dBpowerAmp audio player. The dBpowerAmp audio player is on the market since 2005 and has since learned that the program have made even better a series of updates. The software has found not only many fans in the community, but offers its users and the development of the code. The project is open to meaningful improvements for dBpowerAmp audio player program held for all those who believe. This audio player is free software that you can download for free. The player runs on all versions of Windows (Win95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7).

Description of the version: dBpowerAmp Audio Player

With the dBpowerAmp audio player, you become the DJ. The software supports the most popular audio formats and offers a variety of options in addition to different skins for playing your favorite music. With the crossfader, you can realize a smooth transition between two tracks, by the old title from - and the new title will be displayed. With the ID tag editor, you manage the additional information about each title.

Features of the release of 2 from the dBpowerAmp audio player

• Audio player software
• Plays all popular audio formats
• Crossfader for Crossfading between tracks
• On screen mini controls
• ID tag and playlist editor

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