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Dataram RAMDisk accelerated the hard disk by setting up a disk to the memory.



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Dataram RAMDisk

With the free program of Dataram RAMDisk you just put a virtual drive in memory. To save temporary files that are deleted after a reboot and the computer's hard drive is faster.

The software Dataram RAMDisk sets you a new hard drive on the computer. The special feature is the Ablegeplatz on the memory. Depending on where, how big is this memory, can be the virtual hard disk up to four gigabytes. This additional disk worth for storing temporary files, because the memory is emptied every time after reboot. Ideally the browser set so, that it stores the cache or cookies on the virtual disk. The files you can access very quickly with programs and thus reduces the actual hard drive.

Dataram RAMDisk normally sets the new hard drive in Explorer, so you can save any files to it. Access needed files there, a back-up should be created but before, because everything will be deleted after a restart. Dataram RAMDisk is installed through the Add Hardware Wizard of your operating system. The computer takes ­somit as a normal hard drive was the software. The settings you choose the size of the ­Arbeitsspeicher disk. This may be but larger than the available memory in any case. The available memory should not too be filled, since the performance of the computer may decrease.

Dataram RAMDisk is designed with the idea to speed up the own computer's hard drive. Since usually only temporary files are stored, the actual hard disk is relieved and there can be no accumulation of useless data. Another advantage is the anonymous surfing, if you always delete cache and cookies of your browser.

Description of the version: Dataram RAMDisk

In the latest version of Dataram RAMDisk, you can set up a virtual hard disk to the memory up to four gigabytes. The latest version supports all newer operating systems and therefore can be used on any computer. A new function is storing data even across reboots. In normal mode, all data on the memory be dropped after the restart which now which cannot be prevented. In addition the program always shows you how much space you can allocate the available memory.

The most important functions in Dataram RAMDisk 3.5

• To set up a virtual disk on your memory
• Save data about across reboots
• Use the program on all operating systems
• Let show you the available space

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