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The practical Organizer data Crow is very useful for the management of media files.



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Data Crow

Who does not know it: thousands of media files form a confusing jungle on the hard disk. No album can be found easily and the favorite movie is just one of many — data Crow brings order to the chaos now.

Almost everyone has countless media files on his computer. Your files, pictures, music, or movies, are divided by Windows in different categories or libraries, you can but each other badly networked. How convenient that there is now the media organizer data Crow, who manages the media files all together. Whether movies, music, software, books or pictures - it detects almost all popular formats and each file takes in a specific category, what you can customize but, depending on the needs. It helps immensely if you can share a media files no longer after the first few letters of the file name, folder and subfolder, but also to special categories, based on the content of the media. For example, you can sort your movies by the Director or the main actors, as well as sort music by artist or genre.

The program is extremely easy to use and has a clearly structured and well-designed interface. If you but insist, you can switch the mode in data Crow quasi in the settings from "Novice" to "Professional". In more difficult-to-use mode, you can add more details and better manipulate the files, if that becomes necessary. The files are taken apart more precisely, however, more often mean a confusing interface. Thus, the simple mode for most users who want to better organize your media files is sufficient. So: You download data Crow and bring back light in the darkness of the data thicket!

Description of the version: Data Crow

Data Crow offers some advantages and improvements over the previous versions of the Organizer in the version 3.9.7. The first changes notice immediately after the start of the program in the design of the user interface was carried out more easily. Continue the sorting options have been expanded, and the latest version is suitable also for the latest version of the Windows operating system 7. Last but not least, you can more effectively manage your files thanks to the improved program structure.

The most important changes of data Crow in the version 3.9.7

• More setting options for file sorting
• Improved program structure for a more effective work
• New user interface clearly designed
• Removed errors and bugs of the previous

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