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The Planetarium 1900-2100 is a universal tool for all amateur astronomers and free of charge.



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Das Planetarium 1900-2100

Version 11 of the Planetarium 1900-2100 is aimed to consider the firmament and constellations to locate, while passing out certain coordinates the location. The program is to get free.

Who is an amateur astronomer, can achieve much with this program, the Planetarium 1900-2100. He can represent the sky from any location on Earth at any time between 1900 and 2100. The easy-to-use PC Planetarium program is geared towards people who want to explore the sky with the naked eye or with a telescope. The German tool of science and technology provides a fascinating insight into the world of the stars: Sun, moon, Jupiter's moons, v.m.. Consider representation of the planets and asteroids in 3D, a satellite observation programme is included in the scope of delivery, as well as a Messier Star chart. A lexical part informs about important events of heaven.

To the 17.01.2009 till version 11 of the Planetarium was set 1900-2100 and now has over 72,000 copies downloaded. Also you can use this tool be a true amateur astronomer, locate the constellations with the coordinates of your location. The authors th. Kraus and Donald Wienand have delivered a program that can be calculated before the past based on tables and graphs can study how in an astronomical Yearbook, but also solar and lunar eclipses. They point out that only with administrator privileges can run the program on Vista and Win7 and may need to disable the user accounts. You can it the program the Planetarium 1900-2100 adjust so that Sunrise and sunset as well as moonrise and moonset will be represented at each start and also significant current sky events are displayed.

Description of the version: Das Planetarium 1900-2100

Version 11 of the program has been set at the 17.01.2011 and occupied 88.8 megabytes. It is newly revised in several aspects, for example the Jupiter display corrected and improved the Jupiter data update been. Also when the solar and lunar eclipses, there were revisions and corrections, some patches have been deployed. So the tool in all its facets can be exploited, there is a fast 3D-Grafik-Karte. Also it Vista and Windows 7 requires the operating system that you work as an administrator.

The main features of the new version

• Constellations of moons and planets at a glance
• all celestial phenomena in representation of graphical and tabular
• Provision of coordinates
• Locate of the constellations
• Freeware
• 88.8 MB

Das Planetarium 1900-2100 das-planetarium-1900-2100

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