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The 10Sekundenhaushaltsbuch is easy to use and will help you in the budgetary accounts.



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Das 10-Sekunden-Haushaltsbuch 5

The 10Sekundenhaushaltsbuch will help you not to lose track of your household budget. You will not need accounting knowledge at the 10Sekundenhaushaltsbuch. The operation of the program is simple, logical, and fast. A fun discovery and presentation of your income and expenditure is caused by entering your data. Your data is calculated in the date, account, amount and category options. In the 10Sekundenhaushaltsbuch, you have the opportunity to comment on your entries. You are, for this purpose, any number of additional fields available. The 10Sekundenhaushaltsbuch is able to recognize recurring expenditure as well as revenue and offers suggestions for bookings. These you can click accept or reject. A manual modification of the data in the 10Sekundenhaushaltsbuch is always possible.

The 10Sekundenhaushaltsbuch charts and statistics of your budgetary accounting can show you at the click of a mouse. The 10Sekundenhaushaltsbuch potential savings as well as savings success of your budget shows you using the Sparticker function. You can calculate even for your income and expenditure records, and display. A comfortable management of your personal data is carried out through the table with a sorting and copy function, you can increase or decrease the demand. As you can see, are many possibilities regarding a presentation available. You can at any time take the detailed and clear guidance in the 10Sekundenhaushaltsbuch. You can record your personal shopping with the shopping list function in the 10Sekundenhaushaltsbuch.

In the 10Sekundenhaushaltsbuch, you can create unlimited accounts and manage. Also you can print out your statistics at any time. With the function of backup you can have in addition an own from the 10Sekundenhaushaltsbuch out to the automatic backup. You can protect your data by encrypted password.

Features of 10Sekundenhaushaltsbuch

• Creation of statistics and charts
• Selection of the currency
Sparticker function
• Calculate records for revenue and expenditure
• Print function
• Export of records

The manufacturer information easy softway

Since 1997, Thomas Wuscher developed intuitive user software. The company as well as atmosware distribute easy softway's software products. Easy softway is now used in over 50 different countries.

Description of the version: Das 10-Sekunden-Haushaltsbuch 5

The new version is more comfortable, informative and even faster. Of course, you need no accounting knowledge in this version. A 12-year overview available is now in the new version. Hereby you can make a comparison of several years. The new so-called luxury statistics shows you your evaluations as a pie chart. Also new is the USB-stick-ability. Now, you can now save your data on a USB stick.

New features in 10 seconds - budget books

• 12-Year overview (statistics of several years as well as any periods)
• Luxury statistics, for example in the form of a pie chart
• Management of 80 categories (previously there were only 50)
• Rename the database later possible
• USB-stick

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