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Free U-boat simulation for nerves hobby seals - danger from the deep.



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Danger from the Deep

The virtual U-boat veterans amongst you will know certainly the first parts of the Silent Hunter series. This is the free program of danger from the deep and thus offers you a free U-boot hunting.

Maybe you know the feeling. You're banned from the PC, the boxes turned up loud, look rigidly focused on your screen. But it does not, because just the new trailer to a well-known film came out, but rather, because you listen to the sonar and observe any enemy ship movement through the periscope. Danger from the deep U-boat voltage offers pure and free.

Quiet usually start the sea passages in enemy territory. You control all ads, throw a glance at the map again. Correcting the course to be faster at the finish a few nautical miles. With the time lapse can you download shorten the long phases quickly to a tolerable minimum. Close to the enemy, your pulse then starts to rise. You decline down Periscope tube depth and are watching the situation. Always with fear in the neck. '' Was I watching? '' The enemy convoy can be identified as a trade association of friends and therefore it passes into the attack. The torpedoes are prepared, the objectives sought. Hits! It is the first freighter on the way to the bottom of the sea. But what is it, screw noises from port, fast näherkommend - a destroyer. A hunt begins. So or so similar to a scenario in danger could expire from the deep.

The development of the game was now long time on ice (4 years) and until early 2011 the programmers took up a heart and diligently continue working on the next version of danger from the deep. The community long awaited waiting for the planned multiplayer mode, which will give a new dimension of the naval battles of the game.

Description of the version: Danger from the Deep

The 0.4 pre3327 contains mainly some bug fixes. The version produced in places many bugs. Long known bugs that have occurred with the use of Windows have been fixed. Also fixed error which occurred when all owners of ATI graphics cards. Currently there are even bigger problems with the physics simulation that is completely revised since 0.3.0. The developers are working to make a game-ready version 0.4.0 available continue to diligently because soon.

Changes in version 0.4 pre3327

Fixed a bug in using Windows
Fixed a bug when using ATI graphics cards
• Are known the issues with the physics engine

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