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CyberSky is a perfect simulation of the night sky over a period of 30,000 years ago.



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The period covered by CyberSky approximately 30,000 years ago. Thus, you can watch the starry sky both look at 15,000 years in the past, as well as just as long in the future. CyberSky provides you with for each point on the Earth both each time within the available 30,000 years represent a detailed map of the heavens. While CyberSky can approximately 300,000 stars as well as our Milky way, the Sun with all the planets and continue approximately 2,200 more known celestial bodies as well as asteroids and meteorites represent. The overview is complete, and you're going to miss any information.

In addition to the presentation of the entire night sky you can look at individual events friends with CyberSky. So you can look at, for example, the emergence of a solar or Lunar Eclipse, and were of course also for such events, seeing that perhaps only in Africa, China or Australia. You can be also live with CyberSky when the next solar eclipse in even if you don't spot. It's easy with CyberSky. Here, you can save all images displayed on your system it afterwards again alone to consider or integrate into another program such as a word processor.

All cards you can with detailed information such as a coordinate system here and at any time print out. So you get beautiful and above all informative images of the night sky with CyberSky and can use them as a gift. Give the people who are important to you, a picture of the time and the place of the night sky at the time of their birth or some other important event. Thus, you end up a sure thing in any case. And during the free trial period, you have enough opportunity to examine CyberSky on heart and kidney, and to convince you of the function. Try it best yourself once from us the program via the download download here directly function on our site? And if you want to out try the program at night and compare with the real sky displaying CyberSky on the screen, then you can use the special night mode, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the display.

Features of CyberSky:

• Star sky simulation
• represents the sky any time any place
• represents approximately 300,000 star
• Additional information for a variety of objects available
• 30 Day trial
• for Microsoft Windows 98, me, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008 and Windows 7

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The software CyberSky is a development of the Californian Stephen Michael Schimpf and reflects his love to the stars and the universe.

Description of the version: CyberSky

The new version of CyberSky astronomy program has many new features and improvements to, thus offering you even easier and more convenient starchart edit can. In the new version you can save including star maps in multiple formats, the cards structure itself has been optimized and added many setting possibilities and options. Also improved time handling has been implemented and the new version has more data about sky snippets around the world for the various villages.

The most important innovations of CyberSky in version 4.0:

• Added new celestial objects.
• New settings and options
• Time setting was further optimized
You can save now • star maps in multiple formats.

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