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The CyberLink BD & 3D Advisor advises you optimally on the PC Aufrüsung for 3D and Blu-ray.



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CyberLink BD & 3D Advisor

Anyone who wants to start in the new age of the 3D on Blu-ray with his computer, should see the tool CyberLink BD & 3D Advisor. Hereby you can check where you need to upgrade your computer.

If you want to upgrade your computer continue to the full fledged multi media station, you should not abandon the new technical possibilities as play Blu-ray discs. The new theme of the representation of three-dimensional images on your computer screen is also important. With the tool CyberLink BD & 3D Advisor can you find out now in simple manner, whether your computer for this new technical development is and whether you can immediately start playing high-resolution media in 3D. The CyberLink BD & 3D Advisor installation is done with a few mouse clicks; the diagnosis of your system self explanatory. Start so soon.

The CyberLink BD & 3D Advisor analyzes your computer's hardware capabilities and you can give exact advice where an upgrade is necessary, so that you too can benefit from Blu-ray and 3D. The analysis of the system runs automatically and takes only a few seconds. Then, you can immediately begin to carry out the necessary improvements. An easy to understand colour system shows you which components are still not suitable (red), with what hardware components, the representation will be limited (yellow) and which components are already equipped Blu-ray and 3D-Zukunft for the (green).

The developers of CyberLink BD & 3D Advisor
This handy little tool CyberLink BD & 3D Advisor is provided free of charge you by the developers of CyberLink. Thus making a contribution to the faster spread of new 3D standard.

Description of the version: CyberLink BD & 3D Advisor

The new version of CyberLink BD & 3D Advisor is now even more powerful in the detection of relevant hardware components for displaying 3D content. The young technology means that every month come new devices, such as drives, screens and glasses on the market, which must be recognized by the CyberLink BD & 3D Advisor. The database with the specifications of the equipment has been expanded so significantly and includes all currently popular models on the market.

CyberLink BD & 3D Advisor 2.0.3226 - most important innovations

• There are recognized now almost all common devices for displaying 3D content
• Significantly cleaner user guide
• Compatibility with the Windows 7 operating system

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